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    I've recently been bitten by the run bug. I always hated running because I looked at it the wrong way.. It was hard and my heart racing and my breathing rate increasing significantly always deterred me. It was uncomfortable and I didn't like it. I would start to run but then would panic when these normal physiological changes would occur and that was that... Recently however I was having my usual smoke break, enjoying a beautiful morning on my porch, when suddenly I was overcome with the urge to get up and run. So followed the #1 rule of smoking (just go with the flow and see where it takes you... as long as its a good safe idea) and slipped on my shoes and ran. It was hard at first, but it was different than the times i had tried to start on a run before. Being high allowed me to lose "control" and allow my body to function as it was intended to. I wasn't trying to control my breathing, and my heart rate felt less abnormal. I kept running, focusing on the things that normally caused me anxiety and found the rhythmic pattern of my body at work to be intoxicating. That day I ran an 18:23 2 mile.. Not bad for my first attemp. The next day I smoked and ran again and shaved a minute off. By the 5th day I was really getting into my stride so to speak, and ran a 12:33. Averaging around a 6:13 pace. I took the sixth day off and the 7th I smoked and ran, but was crunched for time and it was very hot so I set out for a one mile run.. I felt awesome and kept pushing harder against the ground, my legs were burning and complaining but I wouldn't yield... I kept moving. I came in at a 4:50 for that mile. And while I know it isn't an awesome time I was impressed with myself for being able to drop that much time by only my 7th run (I mean literally I have never ran a day in my life before last week. I was a swimmer before but walked away from that 3 years ago) The kicker is, today I got up and was excited to go or a run. I had been waiting since yesterday to try and beat my previous time. But this time I didn't smoke... And I ran the same rout of to find that it took me 6:15 and I was unfocused and not nearly connected with my body. It made me wonder if anyone else has a similar experience? I think that with time and effort I could get to the same place while running without smoking (which would be ideal I guess) but I find that I enjoy smoking and running very much. Now, I have smoked weed for a few years and enjoy it greatly, and I understand that this might not be every readers cup of tea so to speak, but I am genuine in my Interest to hear other peoples experiences. I don't want this to turn in to an opinion fight but instead I want real experiential responses and objective rational opinion. I don't want to discuss the moral, ethical, or legal issues concerning marijuana, that's for the government to debate. I'm just talking about a good ol high run :] Peace.



      Didn't we already do this thread?



        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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            Ooh snarky response. I like the sas ;] I didn't realize that it had already been discussed in entirety. See, the thread I found was just a few people completely ignoring the question and then having a pissing match while making blanket generalizations and bigoted remarks. (I mean it was nice to read about GPAs, employment histories, SAT scores, how "stinky" people are, the Eucharist came up I think... You get my point.) If, like I said before, this thread isn't for you please ignore it and let others respond if they have anything constructive to offer. I know that there are a lot of people out there who do it, and what I wanted to see is if they think it helps them not only to perform better, but recover better. For example I've found that I am able to go harder, longer, and faster when I've smoked before a run then when I don't. I also have had zero problems with DOMS which is odd because I have been running hills all week which increases the risk of it occurring.


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               See, the thread I found was just a few people completely ignoring the question 


              I'm not sure why you thought starting the same thread again would generate a different outcome...

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                sas.  I see.


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                  If you want to get high and run, go for it. I say if this is the only way you enjoy your runs and it gets you out there, then good. 


                  HOWEVER, you should not be running all your runs with a hard effort. You can put out a hard effort two or three times a week at most (and most people will tell you that you should have a solid base of at least a few month before you hit the hard workouts). There's a wise saying around here: run lots, mostly easy, sometimes fast. Surely as a person who likes to get high you can learn to embrace the slow float of an easy run - yes, it's an acquired taste and it might take a while before you "get it" - in my case, it took a couple of YEARS to get to that "AHA" moment.


                  I'm not trying to be snarky or judgemental, just honest advice. Trust me that a diet of all hard runs WILL catch up to you, even if it takes months.

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                    a few people completely ignoring the question and then having a pissing match while making blanket generalizations and bigoted remarks.


                    That's not limited to pot or running threads.

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                      I'd be interested in seeing how the OP would do with two months running high and two months not high.



                        @arlahile: thanks for the input. I am new to this running thing, but have found a way to enjoy it so far. I have a lot to learn... thats why I came here in the first place. My plan is to cross-train each day with swimming and alternate which workout I go hard on each day.


                        @beef: challenge accepted :] I bet I will have to re-learn how to push myself w/o the extra help.

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                          I'd be interested in seeing how the OP would do with two months running high and two months not high.




                          A running related sequel to "Super High Me" in the works?

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                            I'll caveat this by noting I've never been high on drugs, so most of this is conjecture and an honest attempt to entertain the question.


                            Other than inhaling smoke, which is detrimental to lung capacity the same way cigarettes are, the main problem I'd imagine is lack of body attentiveness.  When on a run, and your body hurts, it is for a reason.  It's telling you to slow down, or stop because something is wrong.  Though body attentiveness (where you stay aware and concerned about what you're body is telling you) you can push the limits of your body by small bits, and thus help it adapt to the new requirements of your physical demands.


                            While high your judgment is impaired.  This might not let you notice, or react to things your body is telling you.  I have no idea if the actual sensation of pain will be altered, or if heart palpitations are masked.  With the impaired judgment you might also run too fast -- as mentioned above the primarily recommendation for training is not to go all out, but to reign your zest for speed in; slow it down; take it easier than you think you should.


                            Finally, running high may have the short-term effect of allowing you to ignore the pain felt in a race when you try to max out the possibilities of you body: thus allowing you to push beyond where you'd stop while straight.  But on a better trained athlete it might reduce the ambition necessary to push into a pain threshold that the athlete is prepared to endure.  You might get that "yeah, I don't really care" attitude, rather than the "killer instinct" that might allow you to take back the lead from a friend who just passed you.


                            Anyway, all conjecture.  People with more direct or medical/scientific experience should feel free to aim a shotgun at my post.

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                              Actually, the NYT reported that smoking marijuana doesn't harm lung capacity...might even improve it: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/11/marijuana-smoking-does-not-harm-lungs-study-finds/


                              I also remember reading somewhere that the "runner's high" actually mimics the same marijuana effect (from a brain perspective).  The argument being that the runner's high allowed humans to cover long distances with less discomfort.  So maybe you're just skipping the natural response and going right for the high on the outset.  It seems that if you smoke just a little it might be enough for running (or any exercise) to feel more enjoyable. 


                              I find during a long run where I can just sort of zone out and go is when I can just enjoy it and not constantly be thinking about my breathing or foot fall or the elements (too hot, too cold, etc).  I wonder if smoking before running softens the edges a bit so you can just get into that zone state quicker. 


                                What arla said.  Whether you want to smoke up or not, learn to run EASY.  The problem isn't so much the presence/absence of Weed, it's the idea that you seem to be racing every run you do. 


                                Don't do that.


                                Just go out and run easy.  You might find a calming effect and a level of enjoyment that would match the perceived Weed Effect.  And cheaper too.  Plus you won't stink like weed.


                                As for this:  "Being high allowed me to lose "control" and allow my body to function as it was intended to."   I chuckled.