Fat-blocking Pepsi. You can't make this stuff up. (Read 476 times)

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      It contains fiber.  Ha.


      The most interesting thing to me is the hourglass bottle.  Because that is, of course, coca-cola's signature shape.


        I thought the most interesting thing about the article was the link to the Nutella lawsuit article. There isn't a person I know that saw that Nutella commercial that didn't laugh at it - knowing full well it was not nutritious; we just didn't have the smarts to sue Nutella over it!

          And they called it Pepsi Special.


          Like, "special" little Johnny.  The one who rides the Bus Special to School Special.


          I bet if they add enough fiber, it could even technically be "net zero carbs."  And probably...soupy.

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            Maybe it'll be like the after school special and I will learn not to smoke.


            Or the midnight special, where I will learn to smoke... funny stuff.



              Eww, Lol I would never drink that. Why burn fat the lazy way, when you can run! Big grin

                Yeah, that's Japan for ya. But after a recent experience drinking what I thought was simply a cappuccino that ended up having coffee-flavored jelly in it, I'm staying away from anything out here that I don't know exactly what's in it! Definitely won't be testing this one out for you guys.