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    Bleeding nipples. What's a man to do? Band-aides and surgical tape fall off. BodyGlide and Vaseline work well, but not on runs of any significant length. Must I resort to duct tape (I dread pulling it off)? Any other suggestions? I know that this has been discussed before, but I can't find the thread.
      micropore tape (says my husband)

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        Band Aid Sports Strips. Soft. Stay on, but come off easily. Comes in many sizes.

          Here here, Sports Strips. I've worn them for 12 hours before. I like the cloth strips best. In fact, I'm wearing them now.
            body glide is good, but I've always had better luck with deoderant. It keeps the area from sweating. Stops all chafing.

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              Duct tape and liquid skin.

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                There's also 1/2 inch waterproof medical tape, in rolls, available anywhere. Just apply a little vaseline to the middle, where you don't want it to stick. Believe me, it doesn't come off until you pull it off. One roll lasts a long time.

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                  I have used band aids successfully every long run here are 3 tips for band aid use... 1. Make sure your skin is perfectly dry before applying. 2 Apply them at least an hour before so that they completely adhere before the sweat rolls in. 3. Shaved chest. The man-scaping definately helps them stick.
                    I buy 'em six boxes at a time on Amazon.com. Never failed, never fell off.

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