Guess who _I_ met while running?! (Read 935 times)

    Soo against the advice of everyone in my office to rest up (nasty cold), I decided to get in a few miles. Hey, the weather is beautiful, I have Richmond coming up, and it was still light out. 'Nuff said. A woman runner asked me if the street continued along the water. I told her that it didn't, and asked how far she was running and where and when she needed to get back by. She told me she was at the Center for Marine Biotechnology (is that right?) and I gave her a short route. I turned around and then thought ... hmmm... woman ... not familiar with area ... doing stuff with marine life ... could this be ... Crabby from RA??! I turned around and ran to catch up with her. When I was along side next to her, I said, "Um, are you on runningahead?" She said "Trishie?!" and I Said "Crabby?!" We had a lovely 3ish miles together. So nice meeting you!! Smile What else but RA can bring together a scientist from Juno and a law clerk from Baltimore ?
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      No WAY!!! That is way too cool! I am hella jealous of you both! What a small world! Smile k

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        It truly is a small world!!!



          OK...here is my side of the story which should have been posted first except when I got back to the lab I had to get right back to the bench!!!! I am working with a workaholic who thinks its amazing that I make time for running. So I am new to Baltimore and have been running the same route for the past 2 runs and tonnight I decided to run the other way. So I'm running behind this girl (petite strong legs who is wearing the recent marathon shirt) and I thought I should stay behind her and follow her for 15 minutes and then turn around...but I passed her. I got to the end of the brick walkway around the water andhad to back track and thought...there she is again...dang! So I asked her the best way to get a couple more miles in and I did think she looked like Trishie but didn't say anything becasue I know how runners hate to be bugged during their runs. ...plus..well I passed her and Trishie is like this running star who will break a 3:50 marrathon next time no doubt. Anyway, I took her advice and kept going and then she was back at my side asking if I was an RA member. What are the chances??? A Baltamore gal and a uneau gal. Crazy That was sooooooooo cool to meet you and you look exactly like your picture with that smile!! That was a great run, faster than I was planning. You did not seem like you were coming down with a cold. And...if you are ever in Juneau I will take you halibut fishing with my other lawyer girlfriend!
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            And...if you are ever in Juneau I will take you halibut fishing with my other lawyer girlfriend!
            I will definitely take you up on that ! Big grin
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                That is so cool! Smile
                  Very cool! I've seen other members courses here from my town but have never come across anyone running on them. Can't wait to find another member in my area. Truly a small world.

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                    What are the chances!? How cool!!
                      That is so exciting that you two got to meet and run together, and all randomly. Small world Smile
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                          Very neat!

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                            That is so great Smile

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                              What a small world! Thanks for the story. It definitely put a big smile on my face! eric Smile
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