Attaching Photos to Log Entries (Read 412 times)

    Often I'll take photos while out on a run or ride of interesting or beautiful things I see along the way. It would be nice to be able to attach them (just low-res) to log entries. These could serve as visual notes. This could also be interesting for pre/post race photos. An example of attaching photos to log entries can be found at http://www.geocaching.com.


      I'm not keen on storing images on the RA server because I don't want it to be an image server.  I could enable html in the notes so you can add links.  Would you be ok with that?

        That would be cool eric. I've thought along these same lines when I figured out I could add a html for race results entries.


        But could not add one to the notes section. I'd like it.


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          Enabling html in notes would do the trick just fine. I don't need to store them on your server. It would just be nice to have the ability to connect the image with the run/ride now and then. I assume enabling html wold probably allow for some basic formatting, adding working links, and probably even tables to the notes? These could be nice options to use now and then.