Slight inner knee pain/discomfort should I be worried? (Read 1588 times)


    I have only started back running again in the past week but the last run I got a slight pain/discomfort on the inner side of my knee by the end of my run, that lasted for a few hours after.   Should I be worried?   I do have proper running shoes as I do tend to over-pronate, but it is possible I have too much support.  Or is this a problem with my gait?


    Any advice would be appreciated.



      Yes, it may well be an issue with your shoes. If you weren't having knee trouble before you resumed running, then it's almost certainly either how you're running, where you're running, or what you're wearing on your feet.  It is definitely something to monitor, and to not suffer with too long.  Maybe the shoes are overcorrecting or undercorrecting for your pronation.  How can a shoe clerk tell exactly what you need by just looking at you for 30 seconds?  I suffered with knee pain for over a year because of my "motion control" shoes.  When I ditched them, no more knee pain.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        This may be a real injury or simply growing pains (I used to get knee pain too when I started a few years ago), only you and time can tell.  If it's a sharp localized pain that alters your gait, stops you in your track or gets worse as you run, I'd worry about an injury, aching, dull pain at the start of a run that gets better as you run is probably OK. 


        One thing that will build up muscles and avoid any possible injury issues while building up running is adding other cross training activities on days you are not running.  The cross training could be a slow walk in the park, a fastish hike, power/race walk, elliptical, swimming, bike, lunges etc.  The walking can also make you a bit sore the first couple of times you do it as you are using muscles not used in running.  These cross training activities may not help your running directly, but by keeping you on the road, and letting you run without injury may help you get faster if that is a goal.


          The inner knee is a common trigger point for me that the foam roller fixes.  Have you tried rolling your adductors all the way down to the knee?


          Example picture too large to embed:



            I had the same problem when I started running. Icing right after the run helped quite a bit. The pain went away over time as I became more consistent. In my case, I would feel very little pain before running and it would go away while I am running only to come back after I am done running. Icing helped relieve it faster but even without icing it went away on its own until my next run.

            running is somewhat like playing golf to me.   crappy shots all day long, ready to give it up & wondering why I'm trying so hard just to get this stupid little ball into a stupid little hole but then out of the blue comes a monster drive or a long putt that actually gets into the cup.  bingo! that one shot keeps me going for the rest of day no matter how crappy I continue to play & gets me back out again on another day.   strange. -- skyedog


              Thanks for all your quick replies.  I will see how things go, On my run today I changed my insoles back to the ones that came with my shoes in case the dr foot ones where over correcting.   I have never used a roller before so I am not sure if there are any comparable exercises without such equipment, guess I will have to ask my yoga teacher Wink.  I will have to try icing it too, I am sure I have some frozen veg in the freezer.