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    I just got my first GPS watch, a Garmin Forerunner 10, and I love it. However, one thing that makes no sense to me is their use of "Time," "Moving Time," and "Elapsed Time," in the data. I understand that "moving time" is the amount of time you spend moving, but why are "elapsed time" and "time" different? I would think they are the same, but they're not.


    Furthermore, why, when I transfer my Garmin Connect files onto RA, does it insist on using the "Elapsed Time" values for the overall time and mile splits? For instance, my 7 mile run today was 55:22 overall, but the total elapsed time was 56:something because I had to stop my watch to cross roads and soak in the ever-so-beautiful fall scenery. For my fifth mile I thought my split was 8:30 when it was actually 8:08 because I had to get a rock out of my shoe.


    The only time I'm concerned with overall elapsed time would be in a race, so is there any way to change the settings so that I don't have to go into my interval splits on RA and change them to the moving time?

    That's probably maybe mostly true.

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      You are right, it often makes no sense. Even the Garmin Connect service has, over the years, hidden many of these times from display since they cause so much confusion.  Here's what I understand them to be:


      Elapsed Time = the time from when you pressed start to the time you pressed stop. Simple 'calendar' time.


      Time = the Elapsed Time minus any time you had the device paused at stops for intersections, adjusting your shoes, etc. Auto-pause stops are included here.


      Moving Time (is absolute crap...) = a time computed by the Forerunner that is its best guess at paused time. Its intent seems to have been to come up with an equivalent to Time (above) when the user didn't apply auto-pause. It is useless - simply going around a sharp corner and this value will assume you stopped due to a computed slow pace between the data points.


      I don't believe you are correct about RA using the Elapsed Time. In my experience, RA uses the Time -- which is Elapsed Time minus any paused time. For example yesterday I logged a run which is:


      Elapsed Time = 59:35

      Time = 58:10 (=elapsed minus paused time)


      RA logged it using the 58:10 time I actually was running.

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