Inserting pictures on iPad (Read 54 times)

    Whenever I try to insert a picture in a post when using my iPad, it never works on the first attempt.


    My normal process is to upload pictures to tinypic.com:

    - size to Message Board (640x480)

    - select the URL for "Direct Link for Layouts"

    - copy/paste into the Image URL field in the tree tool

    - insert


    Typically the first try I get nothing, generally takes a few copy/paste/insert attempts before the picture shows up. When it does show up & I post, often the post will have a double image, indicating one of them worked but wasn't visible when I was in create/edit mode. (I then go back in & delete one of them.)


    This has been going on a few weeks, it used to work like a charm. Not sure if the same thing happens on the computer or if it is iPad related; I almost always do RA on my iPad.


    Any ideas?



      I have not uploaded any changes since May 3 because I'm in the middle of a project.  I was able to reproduce the problem you're having.  I manually typed in the url to an image but the image did not appear.  However, it is there in the HTML code.  As a work around, you can assume the image will be displayed correctly when creating the post.  I'll look into whether the latest version of the text editor have fixed this problem.


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        This isn't just an iPad problem. It happens when posting from a desktop browser also. In my case, Chrome. If you click the HTML button you'll see that the code is there. If you click update it will then appear in the editor. It has done this for me for quite some time.

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