Scheduled down time for system upgrades and maintenance (Read 881 times)

Pitter Patter

    Thanks for all the work you do Eric...Look forward to the upgrades to this site...

    “You can’t cheat the grind. It knows everything you’ve invested. It won’t give you anything you haven’t worked for.”

      This is *splendid*. Thanks much for doing the GC integration!



        Been using this superb log since January 1st 2007. Finally came around to make a small donation for me and my Mrs, who's also been using RA for many years. Ads don't bother me really, just want to show our appreciation of your work. Hands down the best running log out there, driven by brains and enthusiasm for the sport rather than greed. Keep doing what you do, Eric!



        Anna & Johan

          Thank you and this for sure.



          Seriously. Put that thing on the top of the page and make it blink and neon.  Eric deserves mucho dinero for this site.

          Run, Walk, Crawl, just Finish.

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          Chris Melvin

            This is so awesome. Thanks Eric for all you do!!!

            Coach Jeanne

            Speculum Wrangler

              Thanks, Eric!  This will be an awesome upgrade.  Thanks for listening to us, your anonymous followers, and for pouring your heart/soul into RA.


              Jeanne from Ohio

              another CoolRunning refugee


              Anyone have pizza?

                You sir, are the buddha for tracking runners performance.  I've used so many devices, so many log books, and online apps, smartphone apps, watches, etc., but the one that I never left, and have been using for over 10 years now is yours.  This is the best onlne runner's log ever, and as a fellow user of Garmin Connect,I can't wait to see what the improvements will be like.  If it's anything like your upgrades in the past, I'm sure we will all be amazed, Eric!!

                  I am so excited for this upgrade I put this on my calander. Now all my running logs will be linked.  Dont ask me why I use so many logs. I should only use this one.


                  Thanks Eric!!!

                  Orion Goals: 5k 18:30 10K 38:00 Marathon 3:10



                    Fantastic! Thanks Eric!!!


                    Runner Mike

                      Thanks eric. I forgot about this, but logged in at 11 pm to upload my workout and saw a number of changes.


                      I had one questions, is there anyway to switch between the days with out going back to the calendar view (I hope I'm explaining myself)


                      Overall, I really like the new changes.