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    My son has started running with me and we would like to log his workouts. I am not able to add him as another user name/runner because I have only this one email address. Is there a way I can add him as another separate runner with his own information, but using the same email address? Thanks. Greatly appreciated. Ominees. (As in, "Oh, my knees!) Cool
      Hi, Knees! Wink This was asked some time ago and the answer Eric gave was that his site wasn't set up to work that way and that it might mess with the security of the site if he tried to change it... ie, if it ain't broke, don't break it... Wink You can create another free email address through hotmail, yahoo, etc. The only thing the email address is used for here is so that he can send you your password if you forget it. So as long as it's an easy password you should be fine if you create a throw-away email address... Welcome!

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        Depending on how old your son is, maybe you could let him get his own email address through yahoo, msn, aim, etc... as Wingz mentioned. He will likely want an email address of his own sometime in the near future anyway. Smile mg
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          My 8 year old girl has her own email address. I have the password and monitor her use. It was from gmail, a free online email.

            Thanks everyone. He'll be pleased to know that the only option is for him to get his own email address. Smile