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Come Run With Us!

    Hi Everyone, 

    I'm out of town this weekend, and was wondering of any good places to run through while I'm here.  Just south of I-675 in Dayton (though it looks more like Centerville from what I see on the map).  Any suggestions? 


    I run. Therefore I am.

      Any of 101 country roads are excellent.  Ever so slight hills and open fields upon open fields upon open fields as far as the eye can sees.  Or, stop over at Wright-Pat and run the runways or the roads through and around the base.

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        Bike path is good.  We have over 280 miles of connected bike path around Dayton.  http://www.miamivalleytrails.org/ Iron Horse Park might be best because it is shaded, but you only get 4 - 5 miles out of it. 


        If you want to run trails, I would head to Sugarcreek which is close to Centerville.  Lots of folks run out there.  There are water fountains, restrooms, and plenty of trees for shade.  http://www.metroparks.org/Parks/Sugarcreek/Home.aspx  

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          Something different would be running on U of Dayton campus. Some variety as well as a few hills.