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    So, I am running an 8K on August 3rd.  It's my first race, and I have been trying to get the right amount of training in before hand.  I have a goal of 2 days of strength training, 1 rest day, 3 days of 30 minute runs, and 1 day of a steadily increasing long slow distance run.  My training is really suffering though.  Last week I was recovering from a gallstone attack and a sore knee.  This week I have only had 2 work outs since Monday; one strength trainging day and one quick run.

    I am blaming a combo of being kept up to an hour over time at work most days, and my in-laws letting my kids (3 years old, and 18 months) stay up all day without naps.  The kids crash at home for a couple hours when they get home, so they haven't been getting to bed until 1-3 am.  That just makes me want to sleep as much as I can in the morning instead of going for a run before work.

    That race is just around the corner, and I'm scared to death that I won't be ready.

    Any advice or words of encouragement?  BTW, I've only been back into running for the last 2 months.  I ran habitually 10 years ago, but I didn't race, and never ran more than 45 minutes at a time.

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      Try not to stress your first race so much that you don't enjoy it. Do what you can for training and try to make sure you are at least getting out to do the runs. Slow down when you need to, especially in the heat. It'll be a personal record for you since it's your first race. You can do it! Smile

      "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


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        Thank you so much for the encouragement!  I actually decided to squeeze in 10 minutes of running during my lunch break just now!  It's a first that I may have to do more often.

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          Goodness...give yourself a break from self-imposed pressure. You're a Mom to 2 young kids, and have a job, and are only a few months into returning to running. Get in whatever training runs you can between now and Aug 3, and enjoy the event.  Run some, walk some, smile like a fool when you cross the finish line.


          (for the next couple weeks, would it be possible to exchange your time on the non-running training for running to get some more runs in?)

          I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


            (for the next couple weeks, would it be possible to exchange your time on the non-running training for running to get some more runs in?)

            Thank you for that MT!   I think running the entire time is easier on my schedule actually.  I go to Gold's Express to do strength training, and I have to go after work to do that, but I sometimes have to stay at work overtime, so it's actually hard to fit that in.  Yup, just running would be easier to get done.

              No advice - just more encouragement. Have a great time and enjoy your first race!

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                Thank you! Smile