67 Yr Old Double Knee Replacement Guy Did Full Marathon March 17-18 ! (Read 111 times)


    I am so proud of my husband!


    He just had both of his knees replaced in Nashville 9 MONTHS ago.


    He also had years of really big, bleeding ulcers in his legs - the result of varicose veins - that he couldn't afford to get treated until he aged into Medicare at 65. The result is that he has large places on his calves where there are still deep indentations, even today, and the skin is excessively thin (and discolored) over these spots.  These are areas where he actually lost muscle over the years - muscle that no amount of exercise today will ever bring back.


    Despite all of this, he went up to Cape Giraudeau, Missouri March 17 - 18, and did the Howard Aslinger 24 Hour Endurance Race.


    And there, he was able to complete his first full marathon ever!


    He is not allowed to run with his new, "store bought" knees, so he walked all 26.2 miles.


    In the 9 months since both of his knees were replaced he has done the following races, in addition to his full marathon finish in Cape Girardeau:


    Tour d'Esprit 24 Hour Endurance Race in Memphis, TN October 1'st, 2016 --  This was just 3 and 1/2 months after his knee replacement surgery, and he did 14 miles walking - some of it he walked on Friday afternoon, some on Saturday morning - but despite being less than 4 months out of double knee replacement surgery, he managed to complete 14 miles during the 24 hour contest. It took 19 of the 24 hours he was allowed to do that, so he wasn't fast.   But still -- that is a little over a half marathon in just 24 hours - not bad for a guy 3 and 1/2 months out of double knee replacement surgery!


    Mississippi River 5K in Greenville, MS, February 11, 2017 - This was the 5K he ever did. It took him an hour to walk it.


    Shelby Forest Loop Half Marathon, Millington, TN, February 26, 2017 - It took him near 7 hours to complete the half marathon course, but he walked his way to the Finish Line and got his first Half Marathon Finisher's Medal ever.  (The Tour d'Esprit does not give Finisher's Medals)


    His fourth race was the Howard Aslinger 24 Hour Endurance Race in Cape Girardeau, where he completed his first full marathon.


    He has several more races coming up in the next few months, including the FRISCO Railroad Half Marathon in Willard, Missouri, the Run Under the Stars 10 Hour Endurance Race in Paducah, Kentucky in mid-June, and a few miscellaneous 5Ks.

      Congrats to him!!  Very inspiring!!


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        That's amazing! Congrats!

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