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    So last week, my runkeeper was acting up, measuring vast amounts of miles within minutes etc. I had to delete the activities. That said I found running not quite as enjoyable when I wasn't hooked up to machines. I need to know how far I've been, what my heart rate is blah blah.  Does anyone else have this need?  Is it a rookie mistake?  Vanity?  Thoughts? Prayers? Should I even care?

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      Whatever keeps you motivated.  If tracking all the different numbers makes you go out the next day, then that's what you do.

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      Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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        When I started running I had my Garmin run out of battery a couple of times and it was soooo irritating. I literally felt like I was wasting the run! I've kind of moved past that at this point but I still need/want that immediate feedback as well as the post-run analysis that I get with the tech.


        Running and racing itself is fun and exciting and all that, but there's a limited amount of time to do it. Having all this info. to look over day after day provides me with another hour plus of "running" each day. Big grin

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          Yeah. I started with the Nike iphone app. If I hadn't been able to watch those miles pile up, I probably wouldn't still be running.  I still use it, but dislike it's lack of features...it's pretty monolithic. I've since started using Runmeter in parallel, and it's much better, except it doesn't use the accelerometer when your on the treadmill, so you have to tell it how far you've run, but I also have to correct Nike for the actual distance, instead of it's estimated guess. Anyway, I do still need the feedback. Having the log here helps too, with some graphs to remind me of where I was and am.



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