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    I just started running 2 weeks ago and I just bought so shoes from a department store and they work fine, but should I go to a proper running shoe store to get better shoes or should I keep with the ones I have?

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      If you continue running then it’s best to find out your pronation type (over pronator, neutral or supinator). Wearing the correct shoes will help you avoid injury in the future. Go to a running store and do a treadmill gait analysis rather than the wet footprint test.

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        If you are not having problems, then the cheap shoes are good enough.  If you eventually develop problems as you build mileage, then that will be the time to go to a running shoe store.  Some people do perfectly well with cheap shoes, others need better shoes.

          It's funny, but cheap dept store "running style" shoes are FAR better than the top of the line running shoes we wore 30-40 years ago. And we were still able to run 2:10 marathons, 4 minute miles, and whole lot of other great things in those "top of the line" shoes. Heck, my dad wore Converse Chuck Taylors to train in the 40's, and he ran a 4:07 mile (in spikes, on DIRT).


          My point is that people put too much importance on shoes.


          Some of the $20-30 Avia running shoes at Walmart actually look pretty good!


          Once you start putting in more than 15-20 miles a week, you should probably get some "real" (brand name) running shoes. Everyone has their preferences, no one shoe company or model is "best". I'm cheap, so I buy my shoes on clearance, often last year's model or color, at Ross or Marshall's or some other discount store. Lately I've been really liking the Skechers performance running shoes like the GoRun Ultra Road2 and the GoRun5, and there's an outlet close to me. I think the last time I spent more than $40 on shoes was when I had a PF injury and got the most cushioned Hokas available, but I still used my 20% REI coupon!


          One tip: get "Neutral Cushioned" shoes to start with. They work best for 90% of runners. And good socks. Don't skimp on the socks!

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            I agree that you can run with department store shoes and not experience any issues.  However, you can also use department store shoes and after 2 to 4 weeks start having issues (i.e. develop injuries).  Each person will likely respond differently.


            For those new to running I recommend visiting a local running store (LRS) and have them do an analysis of your gait and fit you for your first pair of shoes.  These shoes will cost you more than department store shoes, but will reduce the likelihood of having issues.  Buying shoes at a LRS does NOT bring the likelihood of having issues to zero since there are always other factors.


            In your case since you went with department store shoes, I recommend continue using them.  Note any pains you get, especially those that continue for more than 3 or 4 days of running, these are indicators of the possibility of injury and may require modifications to your running program (switching running surfaces, modifying mileage, etc).  If you have multiple pains that last for 3 or 4 days, then the shoes may not be working for you and a visit to a LRS might be in order.  It will likely take you two to four weeks of using the department store shoes to know for sure.

              I used to have a pair of Specialized shoes but my current cycling shoes are Shimano.



              (I'll let myself out.)

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                Mikeymike... that's exactly what I thought when I read the title!


                Goliatias, at least get some good Spenco walker/runner insoles for those shoes. You'll get some comfort, a little taste of what good shoes feel like, and less likely you'll get hurt. A lot of folks don't realize how much effect good insoles can have on a shoe. I use after market insoles to more than double the life of my running shoes.

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                  Good, I'm not the only one!


                  I was thinking that maybe Specialized started making running shoes, like Pearl Izumi did!


                  I had Specialized, went to Adidas, and when those literally melted in Moab I got another pair of Specialized.

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                    I used to have a pair of Specialized shoes but my current cycling shoes are Shimano.



                    (I'll let myself out.)


                    Does this qualify as a dad joke?


                      Does this qualify as a dad joke?


                      By every definition, yes.

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                          I have wide feet and found this site a good place for shoe reviews