2013 RnR USA/National Marathon and Half Marathon Thread (Read 157 times)


    Count me in as another who had problems with the course organization/lack of volunteers.  I didnt have any problems with bag retrieval (mostly, I think, owing to the fact that I finished after the worst of it) but the water situation on the course, from about mile 5 to mile 11, was pretty unacceptable.  One station I had to skip because there was just no water, at another couple I had to wait (in line, behind another couple of people) for the volunteer to pour me water because they had run out of pre-poured cups. It wasn't even a very warm day, and it's not like I was even running that slowly-- I was running around a 9:30- 9:35 pace through mile 19, so there were plenty of people behind me.

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      This was my first race run by the RnR folks and I was less than impressed.  I don't race a lot so maybe I'm just spoiled.  The folks that run Baltimore and Frederick (Corrigan) and the company that runs Shamrock (J&A) put on races that were much better organized than this race.  I was also irritated by the higher than average entry fee coupled with the "extra" $20 to park and then charging $5 for texting my splits to my family.  I also think that RnR could manage to give out different shirts for the full and the half like other races do.


      I'm glad that I decided not to check a bag!

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