VO2Max (Read 604 times)

    I just found out about another great feature. The VO2Max is calculated for each workout. Big grin I would like to know which method you use for calculating it. Thanks!
      RunB, I used the formula from Daniels and Gilbert's "Oxygen Power: Performance Tables for Distance Runners": VO2 Max=(-4.60 + 0.182258 * velocity + 0.000104 * velocity^2)/(0.8 + 0.1894393 * e^(-0.012778 * time) + 0.2989558 * e^(-0.1932605 * time))
        Thanks Eric, Reading about it, it seems that this is accurate when the workout was a race, i.e. all out effort. I wonder if there are some formulas estimating VO2max with time and heart rate of any workout. I'll look into it a bit to see if I can find something. Yet again, why do I need those numbers Wink Thanks!