Calves Pain While Running (Read 1041 times)


    Hi Guys!


    I am a Type 1 Diabetic for 12 years now but I just found the love for running last year. I gained so much from running that I won't stop it even if I feel pain.


    But recently, Ive been in so much pain while running. My calves are almost like bursting and the pain is sharp and deep it forces me to stop and walk.


    I know I have the correct shoes and the correct running form. any advice? Thanks!

      We are going to need more information.  Making your training log public would help.


      How do you know you have the correct shoes or form.  I'm not sure any of us have the perfect form so that is quite a statement to make.  My best guess given the information presented is that you are ramping up your mileage too fast.

        yes, more information would be helpful.  Your running/sports/injury history. Anything that would be helpful. Have you seen a doctor about this?


        I have to really take care of my calves or I can't run. Before every run, I use the stick and then deep massage for about 20 strokes on each one. That loosens them up nicely. Sometimes I stop during the run to do the same thing.  After the run, I repeat the massage.  During the day I will sometimes do the massage again, and I wear compression socks nearly all the time (from Futuro).


          Slow down the bulk of your running, you may be running too hard. 


          Do calf raises. You must be able to do 3 sets of 15 one-legged calf-raises (15 per leg, so that's 30 per set of two legs), where you lower the leg over the course of 2-3 seconds (and not just plop it down quick!). If you can't do that, you have some calf strength work ahead of you. This will help I think. Do calf raises with 2-day breaks in between.