Support for other GPS devices (Read 112 times)



    First of all, I find RunningAhead extremely well done and very usefull: Good job here!

    Just a question: Would it be possible to add support for other devices upload such as Suunto or Polar GPS?


    Thank you for all that work

      This is currently not possible because only Garmin has made their hardware documentation public.  I would scour the internet every couple of months hoping that somewhere someone have documented ways to access the data on these devices.



        thank you! And thank you Garmin.

        I'll stick to Garmin for now then!


          Sad Pity.

          I want to migrate all my stuff to Suunto. My FR60 is good, but I have bought a dead cheap second hand T3C plus HRM, the ministick and I have found a pair or three of cheap second hand GPS pods. I also have a few foot pods and I am almost sure I can pair my Garmin one with the T3C ending up with 3 usable foot pods.

          But well, no big deal. When I started using Runnigahead I had to copy everything by hand. Exporting it to KML will not be a big problem. 


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