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    Hi everybody, I'm a 28 years old male from Bucharest, Romania. I need some advices about training as I'm pretty much a begginer.


    General health and issues: I had a humerus fracture that needed a intramedullary fixation so my right shoulder has lost some mobility due to the locking nail. The arm will need another intervention to remove the rod. Otherwise i have no health issues or restrictions. My weight is ok: 1.66m, 64-65Kg. I could probably drop 1Kg but I'm pretty ok with my current weight.


    My training was (all activities in the evening):

    Monday - football (soccer) - 2hrs,

    Tuesday: Running (treadmill) (8min), Bike (8min), Strength training (chest, arms, abs) Bike (4 min), Running (4min)

    Wednesday: rest

    Thursday: Running(treadmill) (8min), Bike (8min), Strength training (back, shoulders, abs) Bike (4min), Running (4min)

    Friday: rest

    Saturday: Running(treadmill) (8min), Bike (8min), Strength training (legs, abs), Bike (4min), Running (4min)

    Sunday: rest

    Strength training is not heavy because of the health condition and not looking to get bulky.

    Friday, Saturday or Sunday I sometimes do some inline rolling or basketball.


    After 6 weeks I changed the program by doing the running sessions in the morning to increase time and distance (and running outside instead of treadmill).


    So now I run 3-4 times a week only 2Km/session in about 10-12 min. I'm pretty sure that during my 2hrs of football I run at least 5-7 Km and I also did 20 Km of inline rolling in less than 2hrs a week ago, so I think that my fitness level is better than that but I want to increase the distance gradually without any injury. .


    The training I'm looking for is (in the morning, in the evening won't change):

    Monday: rest

    Tuesday: Easy (going from 2Km in 10-12 min to 30 min)

    Wednesday: one week hills, one week intervals

    Thursday: rest

    Friday: Easy (going from 2Km in 10-12 min to 30 min)

    Saturday: Long (up to 6K?)

    Sunday: Easy (going from 2Km in 10-12 min to 30 min)


    My long term goal (1 year maybe) is to run the semi-marathon. I was looking for a race to run and I found only two options for now:


    22 September: Marathon, semi or cross (9.6Km) - cross country, the Camps with Soul Marathon in the Comana Natural Park - I don't think I would be fit enough for the 9.6Km.

    7 October: Marathon, semi or "popular race" (4Km) - Bucharest International Marathon - The popular race is looking to easy and the semi is still way off with only 2 months of training.


    So I have two questions: am I planning to much in term of effort (running & all) and should I go for the 9.6Km or stick with the easier 4K?


    Thanks and sorry for the very long post.


      Go for the 9.6 k


      Running is stupid

      All business

        I'd say run the 9.6 k in Sept.  


        I would also up the mileage at least once a week.  Run 5-8 k some Wednesday and see how it feels.  I imagine the football is only helping, so that distance shouldn't be too hard.  That'd put you in good shape for the 9.6 k, or let you know if the 4 k would be a better option.  

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