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    Hey all, I would love to do a HM sometime early next year with a full next Autumn and have been doing base training to get to a certain standard. Anyway, on one of my runs the other evening I was thinking about the training side and especially refuelling...I was thinking as the runs got longer and longer what would I do about water on my 10+mile training runs? What do you do? Do you stash fluids somewhere along your route? wear a camelbak? or create a route that goes back by your home and get some?
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      I used to run with a camelbak, but I never really loved running with it. Here's a thread about them: http://www.runningahead.com/forums/post/082f34e5100e4eab8e553cf1af236ea0#focus. Now I run with one of the handheld water bottles--it has a strap that goes around your hand to hold it on while you're running and a pocket for gels. I like that much better than the camelbak. It's only around 12 oz which is fine for anything up to around 15 miles. Anything over and I'll do a loop of some sort so I can refill.

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        I got the Runlite by Amphipod. It works great for longer runs and hot weather. The smallish bottles don't slosh or bounce as much as a larger bottle, and you can configure them any which way for comfort.
          I like the Ultimate Direction bottles - currently using this handheld and love it.

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