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    Hello, I want to get in shape to run 5k's. I am in horrible shape right now, and need help woth ideas on how to train up to a 5k. I can run about a half a mile before i have to take a break. I have helped my ex high school's cross country coach put on his 5k for a few years now and it has given me the desire to go do it. I am a lot better sprinter then a distance runner. If anyone can link me to a post or something where this has already been discussed I would be very appreciative. If anyone feels they have some advice for me, I more then welcome it.

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      There is a wonderful training program designed just for folks with your goals.  It is called "Couch to 5K".  It has proven to be very successful for gazillions of folks setting out on the same journey, and definitely is worth your time to look into it.


      Google it, or follow this link.

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        Milktruck thank you very much, for the link and the help.

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          another good web site and the primary one I used when doing the Couch to 5k program was www.c25k.com. I used Robert Ullrey's C25K Podcasts when I did my training which pre-dates the the iPhone and Android apps that are also available these days. I highly recommend the program as a way to get started and to be able to run continuously for 30 min by the end of 9 weeks. Being old and slow, that doesn't get me to 5k in distance but it got me going and in love with running/jogging. 


          MTA: btw you might want to join the Couch to 5K forum here on RA. Lots of support there for those going thru it and some who have been there.

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            Thanks bobev, I do not have an android or a ipod, I have a cheap mp3 player. I will look into finding something that I could put on there.


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              I too am a beginner.  I attempted running to quit smoking.  I did not access these helpful sites until approx. 3 weeks after running.  For the first two weeks I walked as fast as I could for five km.  I went 2 and one half km out, and then returned. By the third week I felt healthier already and attempted to walk for five minutes and then jog a slow pace for one minute. I did this for one week, running alternate days and did not push myself.  I always exercised the same distance of 5 km throughout my program.   I paid attention to what I ate, (no more crap food) plenty of vegetables and more importantly eating on time and in a consistent manner.    I must mention even though I was a smoker my lungs felt so much better it encouraged me to keep on trying.  On the fourth week I would speed walk for 3 km and jog (slow) for however long I felt comfortable.

              Suddenly in the middle of my fourth week, it was like I was able to regulate my breathing and truly felt capable of attempting running the full five km.  I was happy with my first attempt ( I had to drop to a walk one km before the end and take a 45 second walking rest and ran the last bit)  and cant wait to try again.

              I know this response is long winded, but Im so into this now it great to see others in the same category as I am, making an effort to better your condition.

              I write this note more for encouragment, any advice would better come from a veteran runner.  Good Luck!!!