Upload problems (Read 499 times)




    It looks like something is broken on the server this morning.  Uploading via by either the communicator plugin or selecting the file directly, returns the normal message that "Your data has been transfered to the server and is being processed", but it is never appearing when I go back.  no problems in the past, so I'm guessing its server-side.

      Same problem here.  I've only tried the communicator plugin, and everything looks normal, but the workout doesn't appear.  Could be server load I guess, but it's been 10 minutes, which is already 20x longer than I've ever waited before.

        I'm looking into it.

          I couldn't find anything wrong with the data importer.  After stopping and starting it several times, it started working again.  My guess is that it somehow became out of synch with the website so it didn't know there are imports to process.  All back logged files are imported.


            it's working now. thanks, eric!