Message section in Welcome Screen. Do I have access? (Read 641 times)

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    Hi Eric, When I am at my home page and I see; Welcome AlexGonzalez0709 March 19, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Messages What exactly is messages? I see it all the time, but it's always blank. Is this something I can add to it for me to see? How would I do that? Thanks!
      Hi, Alex. What you're looking at is an area Eric uses from time to time to communicate with all his users at once. It's kind of like an "announcements" section. I'm guessing it's there because not everyone goes to the message boards all that often, and this makes sure important announcements can be easily seen. At this point that's all it does. Smile Janell

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        Thanks Janell! I was so buried in the GPS work that I hardly had time for anything else. That was barrels of fun (no, not really). Alex, Janell's absolutely right. It's used for relaying important messages to all users because some of them do not venture into the forums. I think I know what you're asking, which is whether there'll be a private message system. The answer is yes. It's one of the few features that are currently at the top of my todo list.