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    I'm looking for a good program to incorporate into my running program (Higdon's intermediate-I). I have to take a weight training program to graduate and so it works well anyways. I'm just trying to find a good program that anyone knows of, because I have been unable to find any programs online. I plan on doing low weight, high rep stuff to tone up and build endurance. I just want some type of guide as to how to acheive this. Any help is definitely appreciated.

      Well, I did CrossFit during my marathon training and I believe it is the primary reason why I was able to run injury free, even more so then building my miles slowly and following a solid plan. If you want something with more structure look to programs that stay away from isolation work and focuses on metabolic condition, body weight, full-body free weight movement, Olympic lifts or low-rep strength work -- or better yet, all of the above. You want to find something that will add strength (not size) help maintain strength along your full range of motion and help work out the typical muscle imbalances you can get from lots of running without adding weight. I'm recommending low-rep programs (3-5 rep range) particularly because it will help build strength but not add size like a typical body builder routine (8-15 rep range) would. I'm suggesting full body over isolation work (again typical body-builder stuff) because of its time efficiency. You can get a good strength routine going with just two days a week and only hour long sessions. Here are some links to get you started: CrossFit Ross Emanait Complex Training General Physical Preparedness Eric Cressy Good luck and remember weight training does not require machines Smile Edit: One more link to give you some food for thought when choosing a program Five Resistance Training Myths in the Running World

        I use something called SuperSlow. Low reps-2 minutes under load or until failure. Only do this twice per week for about 35 min. Not an easy program but wel worth it t me. Recommended to me by a body builder. Google super slow and you will get several sites with programs. Good luck Smile BTW - ran Nashville last year - get your hill work during training. Mile 16-18 was a tough climb for me.

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          upnorth has some good info and carmel runner some good stuff too. My suggestions are this: 1) do exercises slow and with good technique, 2) whatever program you choose do a short, ez run after to promote running specificity as your muscules rebuild. It also gets rid of lactic acid (the next days run will feel better). It's just a theory, but it seems to work for me. 3)Adapt some exercises to one legged or one arm at a time. You will need to reduce the weight for that. It promotes core strength and auxillary muscles that support joints (and in turn may prevent injuries). I'm using a Higdon model that I have adapted and it is working well as I get ready for a 15 K trail race. I do a lot for swimming too. I hyperextended my knee twice at work, but I rehabed with cycling and supplimentary weight training and I am doing great, building towards a trail marathon in the future.
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