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    So I am new to this running thing.  Just ran my first 5K last weekend.  My goal was to finish and not worry about my time. I finished with in about 36 minutes, not bad for only being my 5 time running 3.1 miles.  My question is how long/how many miles should you keep your shoes?  I just got fitted for a pair and they are great but were pricey and wondering how long I can expect them to last?  I only use them for running.  Any suggestions would be great.

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      No simple answer -- it really is different for each person and each model of shoe.  Some folks get a few hundred miles from their shoes, and some keep 'em going for...well, forever.


      300 - 700 miles seems to be a good roud number for what is about normal.  But you'll know by feel when they start to wear out...your legs will feel it.

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        I may be one of the unlucky ones that only gets about 300 miles out of mine.  Usually around that time, I start feeling some pains in the knees.  That's the sign that it's time for me to change.

          I'm one of the lucky ones.  I had one pair of shoes that lasted 2735 miles before the sole wore through to the padding.  That pair felt the same as the "new" pair, so I kept on using them.  On the other hand, my feet changed from last year and it looks like I'll have to throw away a pair with only 10 miles on them. 


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