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    Looking for any advice on bone bruising on knee. I have had injury now for 6 months and still in pain. Have tried resting, PRP, strength training and nothing seems to help. Have started cycling as well however not sure if this is helping or hindering. Has anyone had any other treatment that helped? Do cortisones help bone bruising?

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      Are you a new user here on RunningAhead?  If not, what's your log look like?


      What does your Dr advise?

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        Yes first time user. Ran 100+kms a week for 18 months then was training for a marathon and ramped it up around 150kms for a month then got sore. Most painful injury I have had

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          Sounds like stress fracture.  Who diagnosed the bone bruise?

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            2 x MRI have confirmed bone bruising to the knee


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              Bone bruises can take 4 months to heal.

              How long did you actually rest it?

              If it's not healing, go back to your doctor.

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                MRI is showing bone bruising or boney edema. It is still stress to the bone or a stress reaction that shows up as boney edema. A stress fracture is also stress to bone that would light up on an MRI. Any discomfort with walking? Have you tried taking time off running. The body wants to heal but you appear to keep over stressing it and then body kind of wants to give up because you ignore signals of pain. This leads to chronicity of your pain.

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                  Hi Tchuck,


                  I think you are correct. If I am honest I have kept trying to train and not let the body heal. I was pain free from walking and worked up to walk jog however I overdid it and am very sore and walking is now sore. I think I need to take 4-6 weeks of doing nothing.