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irish laura

    Please help why do my toes go numb (right foot only) after a short while running? also got pain in my right hip which moved to front of tight...Can't figure it out tried everything including to loosening and tightening shoes.. any ideas etc welcome. Laura Confused

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      Hi Laura, Two things come to mind. I have had issues with numb toes in the past (and still do, occasionally). One thing that I do is to concentrate on what my toes are doing. OK, I know that must sound quite silly, but try and think about making sure you are moving your toes inside your shoes. Try spreading them apart (yes, while you're running) and curling them under, just get them moving! The other thing I wonder about (since you have tried loosening laces) is tht your socks might be too tight. I fought toe issues for a long time until I figured out my toes were being constricted by my socks! Be careful to not get socks that will be sloppy, maybe a different style or the next size larger (I was at the high end of the size range for the smaller sock, low end of the range for the larger sock, when I moved up in size, I noticed a lot fewer issues). I hope this helps, hang in there and keep trying different things until you lick this... Lynn B

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        I had this problem when on a recumbant bike - turns out it was both a too-tight shoe and putting the pedals in the wrong spot, putting pressure on the ball of my foot. Something that occurs to me is ... how old are your shoes? If they're pretty old they may not have the proper cushioning... which means that the bottom of your feet are getting whacked with every step... which could, I think, make them numb. Maybe try running in different shoes and on some soft surfaces for a while and see if it clears up? How about a nice, grassy field? Smile

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          Not sure about the hip - since its your right hip and your right foot that's bothering you, is it possible that the foot is causing the hip? In other words, once your toes on your right foot go numb, are you starting to run awkwardly in a way that might cause the right hip problems? Just a guess, but I'll bet I'm close. Which starts first - the numb toes or the hip pain? Do you feel either of them when you're *not* running? As for the toes - what kind of socks do you wear running? And what kind of daily mileage are you doing?
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            Laura - I had the same problem and tried a ton of different things (switching running shoes, biking shoes, socks, etc.) but nothing helped. Sometimes I was able to spread my toes out while running, only to get temporary relief. I don't recommend trying to curl your toes as you could end up with other food injuries. After several months of terrible pain, I finally went to a podiatrist and was told that I had a "neuroma." In my case, it was caused by wearing shoes that constricted my foot near my toes, which formed a callus around a specific area of a nerve. The callus then puts pressure on the nerve and that's why my toe would sometimes go numb and hurt. Long story short, the doctor gave me a cortizone (sp?) shot along with some good athletic shoe inserts that spreads your toes out to take pressure off of the neuroma. After ridding of the culprit shoes (they were work shoes actually) and getting this cortizone shot, I've been pain free for probably 10 months! Go see a foot doctor.

              I actually don't recommend a cortisone shot, and I have the same problem. I was actually able to alleviate my nueroma pain completely by skipping the lowest shoe string section on my laces (instead of starting your laces at the bottom, start one section up). It's made all the difference in the world and now I run completely pain free. Good luck!