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    Bought a new pair of Asics Cumulus yesterday and the lady made a comment that i have the uncommon low arch feet but with a neutral (mildly supinator) gait...this explains a lot the last time i bought a shoe the person who just looked at my feet and saw that i have low arch and immediately suggest support shoes..two sprains later i realize he was wrong. Anyway, has anybody else has the same type of feet/running as i am and if so what kind of shoes do you run in...i am pretty comfortable in my cumulus and will run in them for my first marathon but i might try the Brooks Dyad 4 afterwards..

      I have exactly same prob, Salomon shoes most comfortable for everything else but I am currently running in Saucony Grid hightail XT 600(6months old), they have a silghtly lower shape round the back of your heel which seems to position your foot better.

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        I'm kind of like that...my arch is about halfway between normal and flat. I also supinate a bit, but not severely. I like my NB 1222s, but sometimes I think they are a tad more stable than I need. My 767s are more for mild-to-moderate stability and are really perfect. They are quite a bit lighter-weight than the 1222, too, but a little less cushy. They feel very different on, but I like them both. I also liked the 845, which I think has been replaced by the 846. Nice shoe, and fairly lightweight. I also have wide feet, so the NBs really work well for me, since I wear a women's D (which I think is an E in men's shoes). k

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          I too have a very flat foot, and supinate, supposedly not a very common combination...I am extremely happy with my Mizuno Wave Rider (8). Version 9 and 10 are now available. I wanted a light weight cushioned road runner. I also like the toe room, and the air-cooling mesh. I'll stick with these on my next road pair. Haven't yet found a trail show I'm happy with, though.
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