Quick Survey: pre-marathon meal. Go! (Read 907 times)

    2 easy questions. 

    1- what do you eat before your marathon, and

    2- how long before the race do you consume it?




      I've only done one, but I had oatmeal, waffles with PB & coffee 2 hours before & a protein bar a bit later. It was hard to choke that down at 4am but I didn't get hungry like I did in my training runs. I plan on doing the same thing for next month's marathon.

      I don't half-ass anything


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        Two pop tarts.  Raspberry.  About two hours before the race, washed down with some Gatorade.

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          Half a bagel w/ cream cheese. The other few times where I've had a croissant or a full bagel or yogurt or something I've had very bad stomach problems. I don't ever eat anything before long runs, though.

            PB&J (or nutella) on a lightly toasted english muffin or bagel w/ coffee 2 hours prior.


            Same meal for all races.

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              Greek yogurt and granola 2hrs before the run.  Blueberries if I can swing it.

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                Strawberry frosted poptarts two hours before the race......and coffee.

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                  I'm a pop tart kinda guy, too. Cinnamon sugar flavor, 1-2 hours pre-race.

                  2 cups of coffee.


                  I got the pop tart idea off of someone on RA. Made sense to me and it works well!


                  Oatmeal is an ideal one, but often runners find themselves away from a place to cook it up on race morning or the travel time doesn't allow for a hot bowl of the good stuff, so the pop tart is super. 


                    Two Eggo whole wheat/NutraGrain waffles toasted plain (ie no syrup) and a small glass of water. I eat it like 90 minutes to 2 hours before the race. Good luck with your marathon!


                      I got the pop tart idea off of someone on RA. Made sense to me and it works well!




                      I think that the pop tart idea originated with Trent.    I tried it once and was sold.  Easily digested.....tops off the glycogen.....no fuss....no muss. 

                       201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                        Just bought three boxes of Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts from Target.  Damn good.

                          Sweet potato, larabar and raisins.  My new paleo gig.

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                            My wife makes sausage muffins that are essentially a sausage biscuit but all mixed together before baking. They taste great and have some carbs and some protein. I have been testing those out before long runs for 3 weeks and so far I like it. I think this will be my pre-marathon snack before Rocket City:


                            2 Sausage muffins and a cup of coffee. 90 minutes before start.



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                              Oatmeal -- not instant -- and almond butter.  Or, if not in a place where I can make oatmeal, greek yogurt and Ezekial cereal.  

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                                I've only done half marathons so I just need one pop-tart 2 hrs or so before. Used to always try to do oatmeal w' raisins but logistics make it hard sometimes, now just do a pop-tart for most any race.

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