Help My Students: A Simple Running Experiment (Read 308 times)

Oh roo roooo!

    Thank you!  I hope no one aspirates on gum :-P


    Altho I would love to help, this is the reason I won't even try--I mean, a GEL can cause a near-death experience for me!  I can't even imagine how poorly I would do w/gum, which is an actual solid hunk of something that I can't count on to EVENTUALLY dissolve, hopefully before I die from lack of air....


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      I'd forget to chew.

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        I'm sorry but can't help you.  I don't chew gum -- too many crowns.



        Just run.

          Thanks to everyone planning to--and no worries to those who don't want to chew gum while running.  I'll admit I didn't enjoy it :-P


          As to the purpose, the students just at this point are trying establish if a correlation between running speed and gum chewing exists, ignoring other factors.  At least, I think that's the point.  I'm their English teacher, not their science instructor. Smile

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            I'm on the bench right now, or I'd totally have data for you. FWIW, I used to chew gus while I was still base building last year. I didn't want to carry water, but would get serious dry mouth because of mouth breathing while running, chewing gum was the answer. Worked great for me. Never swallowed it, never spit it out, it just worked. For my longer runs (~10-12 miles) I'd go through 2-3 pieces. I had my favorites, some flavors worked much better than others.

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              I am currently attempting to fix an 8 month quad injury so I couldn't run, but I managed to do two bike workouts. One with, and one without gum. Both of them were 30 miles, all I kept track of was the distance. I felt like as I was chewing the gum(mint gum) that my breaths were cooler, and were giving me more oxygen. This obviously didnt play out as I was thinking it would. I dont normally bike with water, but I had to with the gum. After a while, I got bad cotton mouth, and started to feel more dehydrated as I did in the previous trial.

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                I seriously don't think I could even accomplish it!  I'm a huge mouth breather when I run, especially up hills.  Maybe on my next run I could pat my head and rub my stomach - but that would look silly....

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