Saucony Grid Type A4 (sizing) (Read 1978 times)

    For those who wear the Type A4: do you find that you need to size up a half size from other shoes, including the Kinvara?  The shoefitr gadget on RunningWarehouse.com is suggesting a size 10 for me based on the size I wear in about 4 or 5 other shoes.


    mta: actually it seems the shoefitr isn't so sure.  It's recommending a 10 based on most of my shoes but a 9.5 based on a few...I'm thinking 9.5.

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      Size it the same. I wear size 11 in both Kinvaras in the A4. The A4 is a tighter fit, I could wear size 11.5 in the A4, but I couldn't fit into a 10.5.

        I wear the same size in all Sauconys, including the A4.

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          After looking at your shoes I wanted to add a comment...  If you wear a 9.5 Lunar Racer you should wear a 9.5 A4.

            Cool, thanks.


            My Kinvaras are a little roomy so the A4 should hopefully fit better.

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              I'm a size 9.5 in Kinvara, A4 and Hattori. A4 is a slightly snugger fit, but not in a bad way.

                Bought the 9.5.


                $62.97 off the clearance rack and with a 10% runblogger discount, couldn't afford not to.

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                  The A4 has turned into my new favorite shoe, so I think you'll be really happy with them. Like others have said, it's slightly more snug than the Kinvara but has a similar length.  They are great for pretty much everything from 5ks-marathon.

                    Whereas I hate the A4. They just feel dead to me. I have wimpy calves; I like a more elevated heel and more cushioning. I found some A2s on eBay -- those are my favorite racing flats. I'll get several more marathons out of them. A3s can still be had, too; I think they are essentially identical to A2s, except they lost the awesome solid red color.

                      This shoe fits tight go a half size higher

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                        Sorry I'm late mikey, keep the runblogger link for items that aren't on sale but go through Facebook for shoes that ARE on sale.  Weird, but if you go to the RW Facebook page and click on promotions that link will apply a 15% discount to sale items only.


                        I don't quite understand it, but it works.


                        Did you get them in Citron?






                        MTA: I didn't even need them, but the other day I couldn't pass up the Nike Streak XC2 for $42.40, they should arrive tomorrow.  And I thought you were a maximalist?




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                          I got them in white with the orange and black detailing.



                          I used the runblogger discount off the which gave me 10% off the sales price.  I tried the FB link but for some reason it wouldn't take.  It said it was accepted but it wouldn't show up at at checkout.  So I killed my browser session and went in through runblogger and it worked.  The additional $3.49 I could have saved with the FB discount wasn't worth worrying about.


                          As for the sizing, Riggs was right on.  I went with the 9.5 and they are perfect.  I love the upper--it's like a sock.


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                            And I thought you were a maximalist?

                            That's only with respect to awesomeness.



                            The Shoefitr thing has been surprisingly accurate for me.  Based on two data points, anyway.  Interested to hear how the 9.5s feel on-foot.

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                               Interested to hear how the 9.5s feel on-foot.


                              They feel snug in a good way.  they are the same length as the Kinvara but a bit narrower and with a really comfy, simple mesh upper.  My 9.5 Kinvaras were a little on th wide side, especially in the forefoot, which caused me to tie them too tight which would eventually cause some pain on the top of my foot.  The Lunarracers in 9.5 are very snug fitting but the uppers are so stiff that they create all kinds of pressure points.


                              The A4's have such a soft upper that the tight fit is a good thing.  The fit like a sock and I barely have to tie them for them to stay put.  I've only run in them twice (an easy 9.5 and today's 10-miler with some strides and a tempo) but they are easily my favorite, most comfortable shoe.  I'm interested to see how they hold up to mileage since they're so thin.

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                                Late to the party...

                                I was an A4 early-adopter - purchased right out of the chute last spring.

                                I've just added a pair in the day-glo green... and get comments on almost every run. (As I say, it keeps me from tripping over my feet in the dark.) :-/


                                Mine are sized larger than I'd like them to be (given that I like to think my feet are pretty and svelte); but, they're damn comfy.

                                And, I've found the same (amazonian) size also works in the Saucony Kilkennys - even though the fit is much closer.


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