126.2 Mile Rouge-Orleans race report (Read 550 times)


    My race report from the 2012 Rouge-Orleans.  A 126.2 mile race from Baton Rouge to New Orleans along the Mississippi river levee.



    Am I doing this right?

      No excuses....


        Thanks, didn't think of that.

        Am I doing this right?

          That was a great report.  You have a great writing style, it almost made me want to try an ultra....almost.


          P.S.  Jen sounds like a keeper  Wink

          No excuses....

          Will Crew for Beer

            Awesome. I grew up near New Orleans. I've driven River Road between New Orleans and Baton Rouge a couple times, so I know the route you took. I've run on the levee between Destrehan and St. Rose and couldn't even imagine what it would be like to run that whole distance. Thanks for sharing!

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              Great write-up great effort and I too alomst, but won't run an ultra, they're too long.


              Awesome prose, bro

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              What in the Jehu?


                Great report. Very interesting re-cap.


                It in no way makes me want to run an ultra though Shocked

                Demon of Bad Decisions

                  That was a fun race report to read.  I really liked, "After she would drive away from the exchange I would run as much as I could manage so I could try and surprise her with how far I had managed to go before she got back to me.  I’m fairly certain I failed to surprise her at any point. "   I laughed because I have played games with myself like this.  Whatever helps, right?


                  Btw, Umstead is right in your backyard.  It is a really nice, well run race.

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                    I had read about this race earlier. Very nice to see a race report here. And a great report it was. Thanks for sharing your race.




                      I'm well aware of the Umstead 100.  The people who have been organizing it are starting to retire so, along with many others, I'll be helping to organize it in the future.  Seeing as it filled up in 30 seconds this year helping to organize it might be the only way I could get in.