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    I've been crawling these forums for the last few months, and logging runs for almost a year now, but don't post too frequently.


    I'm relatively new to running still, but I've run two marathons thus far, Akron in September 2010 and Pittsburgh in May 2011, 3:51 (bonk) and 3:28 respectively.


    For my first marathon I used Higdon's beginners plan, but ran only 3 days per week - track work, tempos and long runs each week.


    For the second marathon I picked up a copy of Run Less, Run Faster, aka the FIRST plan. The track work, tempo, and long run, meshing well with my previous training. I trained through that hoping to hit my goal of sub 3:30. It worked, and I did cross-train as prescribed.


    Should probably also mention, I used the FIRST plan to train for a half this fall. Finished that in 1:32:11.


    Though I've been an advocate for FIRST's plan in a couple prior posts on this site, I admit, I've been convinced by a number of others here that more running wouldn't be a bad thing - though I do enjoy some cross training.


    So what kind of plans would you guys recommend I look into? 4-5 days running/week, 16-18 weeks.


    Or, am I best modifying a version of an existing plan.


    I know there's a million different answers and none of them are 100% right - which is probably why I'm not sure which direction to head - but I value the insight of this community, so any thoughts/advice is appreciated - thanks.


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      I have really gotten a lot out of the book Advanced Marathoning by Peter Pfitzinger. It has several training plans in the back of the book that you will see people reference on these forums like the "Pfitz 18/55" (meaning 18 weeks at about 55 miles per week). The basic idea is that you have hard days (like FIRST) and you have easy days (adds miles, gets blood through the muscles to help recovery) and teaches you to run fast on tired legs (fast finish on long runs).


      I am just starting to put it in to play, but so far I am liking it a lot.


      As a frame of reference, I am shooting for a sub 1:30 half in march and a 3:15 marathon in April.



      Nashville, TN


        Thanks jaxn, I appreciate the recommendation and I've heard this book mentioned here before, so it sounds like a good place to start to whittle down my times. Good luck in your upcoming Half and Full.


        And to anyone else interested, I found the Kindle download of Advanced Marathoning on Amazon for $10. Seems like a good deal.