Sub 1:30 Half Marathon in 2018 (Read 700 times)


    Come one come all to the sub 1:30 in a half marathon, 2018 thread.

    Great job Flavio running last year's thread, this time it's my responsibility, which is probably fair enough given the amount of time I've spent on this thread and its predecessor at Runners World.


    A few basic rules:

    1. All welcome!! This thread is for anyone AIMING to run a sub-1:30 half marathon in 2018.  You might be a bit faster, you might be a bit slower, but if that's your goal, this is the thread for you
    2. Start with an introduction... name, age, gender, location, running history and goals, favourite races, etc.
    3. We strongly encourage everyone to post their weekly training, it can lead to some very helpful discussions and insights
    4. If you have an upcoming race, let me know and I will add it to the table below.  Note that we expect posters to post weekly mileage for 3 weeks before adding races (the regulars - you know who you are - are exempt), this is to encourage people to get involved in the discussion
    5. Stick around - even if you're having a bit of time off running for whatever reason.  It has been great to see some new regulars join in the thread over the last few months
    6. Banter and bad jokes are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged (Piwi and Flavio have plenty to spare if you need them)

    There is also a Strava club:

    The link below can help outputting weekly summaries, if you use Strava.

    (or you can do it manually like me)


    Name Date Race Goal Result
    Marky_Mark 11 Feb 2018 Orewa Beach Half Marathon n/a 1:25:20
    Runethechamp 11 Feb 2018 Bay Breeze Half 1:34:59 1:34:37
    BlairJB 18 Feb 2018 Saint John Hypothermic Half n/a 1:41:55
    Jaimegu 4 Mar 2018 Hampton Half 1:28:31 1:28:58
    Watsonc123 18 Mar 2018 Round the Vines Half Marathon 1:28:59 1:33
    Marky_Mark 18 Mar 2018 Coatesville Half Marathon 1:20:53 1:17:44
    Runethechamp 25 Mar 2018 Oakland Marathon (1) 3:25:00 3:31:37
    JMac 7 Apr 2018 Aspire 10km 38:59 38:22
    SteveChCh 8 Apr 2018 Waterfront Half Marathon 1:29:24 1:38:44
    Marky_Mark 8 Apr 2018 Waterfront Half Marathon 1:18:19 1:16:08
    CommanderKeen 8 Apr 2018 Redbud Classic 10km   38:56
    CommanderKeen 29 Apr 2018 Oklahoma City HM 1:26:00 1:28:01 
    Flavio1980 6 May 2018 Gaga Challenge HM 1:29:59 1:28:09
    JMac 13 May 2018 McNamee 5k 17:59 17:51
    Watsonc123 3 Jun 2018 Christchurch Marathon (HM) 1:29:59 1:29:37
    CommanderKeen 4 Jul 2018 Stars and Stripes Forever 5k 18:59 19:07
    Marky_Mark 4 Aug 2018 Taupo Marathon (HM) 1:17:00 1:16:21
    Runethechamp 4 Aug 2018 Summer Breeze Half Marathon 1:32:56 1:34:44
    SteveChCh 5 Aug 2018 South Island Half Marathon 1:35:00 1:32:39
    Watsonc123 19 Aug 2018 5 Bridges Half Marathon 1:25:00 1:30:11
    Marky_Mark 19 Aug 2018 Auckland Road Champs (10k) 34:30 34:45
    Marky_Mark 2 Sep 2018 NZ Road Champs (10k) 34:30 34:08
    Marky_Mark 9 Sep 2018 Dunedin Half Marathon 1:16:30 1:15:40
    JMac 30 Sep 2018 Bronx 10 Mile 62:00 58:30
    Marky_Mark 30 Sep 2018 Devonport Half Marathon 1:20:59 1:20:49
    Runethechamp 21 Oct 2018 Amsterdam Marathon 3:19:59 3:33:11 
    Cfarr 27 Oct 2018 Spinx Half Marathon 1:34:59 1:33:56
    Marky_Mark 28 Oct 2018 Auckland Half Marathon n/a 1:16:29
    JMac 4 Nov 2018 New York City Marathon 2:49:59 2:46:17
    Marky_Mark 21 Nov 2018 Corporate Challenge 5km 16:42 16:24
    Marky_Mark 2 Dec 2018 Omaha Half Marathon 1:18:59 1:19:15
    Cfarr 8 Dec 2018 Kiawah Island Marathon 3:24:59  3:23:07
    Marky_Mark 21 Dec 2018 Bays Night of 5's 5000m    16:03



    (1) AKA the Longest Marathon in the World - multiple reports of the course measuring close to 1km long.



    Quotable quotes of the sub-90 HM 2018 thread


    JMac: "So that pins and needles feeling: turns out I actually DID have something stuck in my foot."

    Watsonc123: "Yeah - what sort of workplace has everyone bring salads for a pot luck lunch?"

    MickJogger: "Right now I am on week 7 of Jack Daniels plan and next week I am going to start phase III which is the pain and suffering phase of that old bastards plans. I am certain he has never trained that hard himself."

    Flavio1980: "I was seeing Jesus riding a beautiful pink unicorn."

    PiwiKiwi: "Ouch no way im putting chillies on my vagina"

    5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 34:08 (Sep-18) HM: 1:14:25 (Jun-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

    Last race: Christchurch Half Marathon, 2 Jun, 1:14:25 (PB)

    Up next: Auckland Road Race Champs (10km), 25 Aug



      Mark, 36, from Auckland, New Zealand.


      I'm married with a 9 month old daughter.  We are pretty lucky in Auckland that year-round running conditions are pretty good - temps tend to top out in the mid-20's (C) in summer and don't get colder than 4-5C in winter.  The humidity can be a pain but it's not like we have snow or 30-degree plus temps!


      I got into running in 2015 kind of by chance - after copping a fairly serious knee injury playing (field) hockey (fractured knee cap, ruptured patella tendon), I decided to do a half marathon once I'd rehabbed the injury.  Ran the Auckland Half Marathon in October 2015 in 1:27 (with an initially fairly terrible training plan improved quite a lot by the input of Flavio, Sam, Piwi, Watson and others on the old RW forum!!), and decided maybe I should take this running gig a bit more seriously.  Had a good year in 2016 after I'd recovered from a self-inflicted broken big toe (I dropped a weight on it), with the highlight being a new half marathon PR of 1:18:20, again in the Auckland Half Marathon.  By this stage I had discovered I was quite quick but still found myself generally fading in the last 3-4km of HM races.


      2017 saw some big highlights early in the year including a 10km PR of 34:44, some consistent half marathon efforts, and the birth of our daughter!  Then the focus shifted to marathon training, and the mileage went up from around 55-60kpw to 75-80kpw.  My goal was sub-3 hrs and I was stoked to run 2:57 in the Auckland Marathon on a humid day (that race is kinda special for me now!).  No more marathons for me for a while though and half marathons will be the goal now - I really noticed the improved endurance from marathon training and my last two half marathons have been very well paced with fast finishes.  I didn't top my HM PR this year but that wasn't the goal and I did come out of it a better and stronger runner!  I will try and keep the mileage a little higher again this year as that definitely paid dividends for me.


      I've been lucky enough to stay mostly injury free aside from minor niggles. I put this down to keeping up weight training 2 days/week and doing lots of foam rolling and stretching.  I've developed a bit of an ITB niggle at the moment - my highly reliable osteo says it should come right with stretching and foam rolling but it's proving a bit annoying to shake or maybe I just need some stronger drugs.


      Outside of running I work at PwC Corporate Finance and enjoy snowboarding and hard rock/metal.


      My goals for this year are pretty simple:

      • Have fun
      • Don't get injured
      • Set a new half marathon PR
      • Try some new races

      5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 34:08 (Sep-18) HM: 1:14:25 (Jun-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

      Last race: Christchurch Half Marathon, 2 Jun, 1:14:25 (PB)

      Up next: Auckland Road Race Champs (10km), 25 Aug



        Slightly lighter week for me this week with a total of 59km.  My ITB was fine for last Sunday's 30km long run, then got grumpy again during the week, then was fine for a track workout on Saturday, then got grumpy again on Sunday, so I might take it a bit easier this week.  The osteo said it was just a symptom of a tight/spazzy hamstring and it should be fine with lots of stretching and foam rolling - it's not getting worse but it's not getting better either so a day or two off might help.  With nothing much in the near future race-wise, and the next goal race not until early April, it's probably a good time to get it right.


        M: 7.7km easy

        T: weights (legs), spin bike

        W: 11km easy

        Th: 12.3km w/ intervals

        F: weights (upper body)

        S: 10.2km track workout (avg 3:41/km)

        S: 17.8km easy (was planning to go longer but cut short)

        Total: 59km

        5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 34:08 (Sep-18) HM: 1:14:25 (Jun-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

        Last race: Christchurch Half Marathon, 2 Jun, 1:14:25 (PB)

        Up next: Auckland Road Race Champs (10km), 25 Aug


          Thanks for taking over Mark!


          My name is Blair. I'm a 33-year-old male from Saint John, NB, Canada.  I started distance running in the spring of 2016.  Initially it was to help lose weight and to help with the battling of mental health struggles.  It continues to work for both.  Now I've become competitive (with myself) about it.  In that spring, I had a goal of finishing a 5k without stopping.  Very soon, I was setting time goals.  For that first 5k in August/16, I wanted to break 24 and ran 22:35.  Like many other running noobs, I was hooked and started running too much, too fast, too often.  It was good in that I improved quickly, running my first half about 6 weeks later (1:39:38).  The next two months I only ran about 3 or 4 times due to injury.  I set my sights on a full, thinking that was the natural progression.  Due to injury, personal issues, and just not being informed enough, my training did not go swimmingly.  I ended up running 3:32:47, which is not half-bad considering everything.


          Since then, I found my way into the 2017 sub90 thread over at Runner's World.  Thanks to the input of all the posters (Mark, Flavio, Piwi, Rune, Watson, JamesD, Jmac, Arvind, ... and I'm sure I'm forgetting others), I was able to start putting together reasonable workouts into my training plan to attempt to attain that sub90 goal.  I ended up running 1:33:18 in my goal race.


          So I come back to this thread with intentions of going sub90 in May.


          Apart from running, I am a public servant for the government of Canada.  I'm a movie buff, music nerd and an avid MMA fan.


          The goals for this year are:

          Train smartly so as to avoid injury whilst attaining my time goals.

          5k - sub19

          10k - sub41

          13k - sub54

          HM - sub90

          Total mileage - 3200km


          I look forward to all the run-talk, advice, and banter.  It's a good thread we have here - I'm sure newbies will feel welcomed Smile


          Mark - Are you just posting Half Marathon races? My goal race is the HM at the Fredericton Marathon on May 13.  In training for that, I am doing two more races: Saint John Hypothermic Half on February 18 and Lorneville Loop 13k on April 8.  There is a local 5k that was 3 weeks out from the Fredericton Marathon last year; if they run that again this year, I'll be taking part.  I'll be scheduling my races accordingly after the May goal race.

          Personal Bests: 5k 19:43 (04/2017), 10k 43.24 (10/2016), Half 1:33:18 (10/2017), Full 3:32:47 (05/2017)
          2018 Targets: 5k: sub19, 10k: sub41, Half: sub90

            Blair, Mark good to see you over here and thanks Mark for starting this thread.


            Im Andrew 49 from Papamoa New Zealand. Started running in 2010 and the first 4 years I really got into it culminating in my first marathon at Auckland in 2013 where I hit a 2.59 and like Mark a special race for me probably my highlight, followed by a 2.54 in my 2nd marathon in Melbourne Australia in 2014. Since then Ive never really regained full racing motivation and have done just a few races since ( no marathons ). Currently running for fitness with a bit of strava egotism to make me run fast sometimes . My goals for 2018 is to maintain some running fitness and be happy and healthy 


            My week just gone


            Weekly Summary
            Monday, Dec 18, 2017 thru Sunday, Dec 24, 2017

            <tfoot> </tfoot>
            Mon 6.2 8.00 Easy Link
            Tue 6.2 7:49 Progressive Morning Run strava
            Wed 5.7 9:34 Morning Run strava
            Sat 6.2 7:30 Morning beach Run strava
            Sun 9.7 8:07 Morning Run strava
              34.0 8:12    

            50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

            10k 40:16 June 18

            " I have a plan to make my legs longer by wearing shorter shorts "      



            weight loss complainer

              Hi guys and thanks Mark for taking over.

              I'm Flavio, 37, not married on paper but with my girlfriend for 12 years now, no kids.

              I live in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil. I have been raised in a strong community of Italian immigrants though and that's the stereotype I follow most closely.

              When I started running again around 2009 had a goal of beating 20 yo self with a 10K in under 42 minutes.

              It took a while. First, I did everything that you're not supposed to do.

              Too much too soon, too low mileage, running barefoot, you name it.

              I have some fun personal worsts though, with 2 marathons in 4h42 and 4h49 and a half marathon in 2h.

              Around 2013 I discovered these boards (back on the RW days) and I started following advice from the folks in here.

              I ran a 1:30:13 on a warm day and got hooked. I was certain I could run under that time.

              I then tried to "Long run" a marathon, that is, run it at a ridiculously easy pace to see if I could finish without hitting the wall. I failed again and ran a 3h43.

              Over time I got my half marathon time down to 1h24 in 2015 which remains my PR to this day.

              After that with renewed motivation I started training for a 50K race. I managed to put together a period of 3 months of training without injuries which led to a new marathon PR of 3h15 en route a 4h01 50K in march 2016.

              After that race I tried to up my mileage to finally take a shot at a sub 3h marathon. Unfortunately I hit an array of injuries which I'm just now finally recovering completely from, a year and a half later.

              During this time I had my gait analyzed and I'm now doing functional training which is helping me tremendously in my running. I'm feeling stronger and I had a very good year in 2017 with only 10 weeks lost to injuries (a great improvement to 2016 where I had lost 26 weeks).

              For 2018 I wish to remain injury free and work continuously to get stronger and try to string together a few months of training.

              I believe with 3 or 4 months of uninterrupted training I'll be back in 5K and 10K PR and I'm eyeing a half marathon in June, though I'm yet to register for it.

              Here's to a blessed 2018 of running with this group which I now call friends.


              My PRs

              1500 and favorite race : 4:57

              5K 18:05

              10K 38:12

              half 1h24

              Mar 3h15

              PRs: 1500m 4:57 3000 10:34 - Next up: chase a new 1500m PR


                Thanks for taking over the thread for 2018 Mark! I'm Rune, 44, married and with two kids, 16 and 11, and I work as a marine/structural engineer. I live in Berkeley, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it sounds like I got similar weather conditions to Kiwi-land with mostly temperate conditions, although we don't have much humidity here. We can get 30C+ temperatures here but it's pretty rare as long as you stay by the bay or the coast.


                I did some running in my younger years and somehow managed to squeeze out my 5k PR of 19:44.4 back in HS, and I still can't fathom I was able to do that back then with the completely unorganized training I was doing back then. Pretty much exactly 7 years ago (December 20, 2010) I was in really bad shape and decided to go for a run. I ran 1.6 miles in about 18 minutes, and had to stop several times because I felt like I couldn't breathe. After several years of on and off short runs (less than 100 miles per year in 2012-2014) I finally got on a program late summer 2015.


                I ran my first HM in November 2015, at the tail end of a cold, and it was a complete disaster. Followed up with the Paris Marathon in April 2016 and that kicked things into gear for me. I would probably consider 2016 to be a better year for me than 2017, but that might just be me. I set my HM PR of 1:36:07 about a month ago, but I don't feel like that was a particularly well run race for me, and I feel like I was in better shape than that at the time.


                I have Crohn's disease and although I am extremely lucky with how little it affects me compared to some other people, it still affects me some. If I don't take iron supplements I will slowly become anemic, and I feel like I have more issues than most with having to find a bathroom during my training runs (it's never happened in a race though!). I've had about 4 feet of my small intestines removed in two different surgeries so that probably affects everything somewhat.


                I have a few goals for 2018: Have a relatively light and easy outlook on my training and races to make sure I have fun, be more consistent in my training than in 2017, follow a proper training program (enough RLRF for me now), beat my HS 5k record, and get under 1:30. Apart from some bad heel issues I had in 2015 I've been pretty much injury free, and I hope to stay that way in 2018. I have two races on the calendar so far in 2018, the Bay Breeze Half February 11 and the Oakland Half March 25. Bay Breeze will be some sort of a tuneup/test race, but if I'm to follow the progression of paces in my training program from Jack Daniels even that race might result in a PR.


                At the moment I'm in the early stages of that training program, and I'm also running every day in December (at least 3 miles every day) to finish the year on a good note. So far it seems to be paying dividends already so we will see how it turns out once the races come along. I will probably run a 5k or two here and there this winter and spring just to see where I am as well. Once my running week is over tomorrow I will post my weekly total.

                5k: 20:32 (1/17)  |  HM: 1:34:37 (2/18)  |  FM: 3:31:37 (3/18)


                Swimming instead of running


                  Merry Xmas all and good to see a few have wandered over here already.  I've ditched my usual Xmas run in favour of giving the ITB a couple of days off.


                  Blair - I'm leaning towards just posting HM races in the table, since it's a HM thread, but keen to see what the rest of the regulars think as well.

                  5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 34:08 (Sep-18) HM: 1:14:25 (Jun-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

                  Last race: Christchurch Half Marathon, 2 Jun, 1:14:25 (PB)

                  Up next: Auckland Road Race Champs (10km), 25 Aug

                  "CONSISTENCY IS KING"


                    Blair, Rune - I've added your races to the table.

                    5000m: 16:03 (Dec-18) | 5km: 16:24 (Nov-18) | 10km: 34:08 (Sep-18) HM: 1:14:25 (Jun-19) | FM: 2:57:36 (Oct-17)

                    Last race: Christchurch Half Marathon, 2 Jun, 1:14:25 (PB)

                    Up next: Auckland Road Race Champs (10km), 25 Aug

                    "CONSISTENCY IS KING"

                      Merry Christmas to everyone.


                      I forgot to post my summary yesterday.  A good week.  My last few weeks have been mostly easy running.  I'll do another week of this type of running and then I'm following the HM Plan from Daniels' RF 3rd edition (I'm condensing Phases I  & IV to 4 weeks from 6 to make it a 20 week plan).  Phase I commences first thing in the new year.


                      I've also started tracking my times in various zones (based on pace for now; will be tinkering with the HR zones idea for some time, I believe).  Not surprisingly. I was well over 80% easy this week.  With the Daniels plan, I am sure I won't have any issue getting up to 20% harder effort runs each week.


                      Total: 75.2k

                      Easy: 68.6k (63k E, 5.6k jg) / 91%

                      I-pace/effort: 6.6k / 9%


                      <tfoot> </tfoot>
                      Day Miles Pace Description Link
                      Tue 6.4 8:33 10x400m I-pace strava
                      Wed 5.5 8:58 Recovery run strava
                      Thu 6.4 8:55 MLR pt 1 strava
                      Thu 1.2 9:01 MLR pt 2 strava
                      Thu 2.6 8:35 MLR pt 3 - watch battery dying becoming a thing - time to call Garmin! strava
                      Fri 6.3 9:05 Easy 10 strava
                      Sat 11.9 8:34 LSR - West to uptown via Millidgeville. Mild but slippery. strava
                      Sun 6.6 8:44 Christmas Eve Hill Repeats! strava
                        46.9 8:45

                      Personal Bests: 5k 19:43 (04/2017), 10k 43.24 (10/2016), Half 1:33:18 (10/2017), Full 3:32:47 (05/2017)
                      2018 Targets: 5k: sub19, 10k: sub41, Half: sub90

                        I took a closer look at Daniels' HM plan.  It turns out phase I is essentially mostly easy running/base building, which I have been doing anyway.  So I will make continue what I've been doing for three more weeks and call that phase I and then follow II-IV in full (6 weeks each) of the plan in the book.

                        Personal Bests: 5k 19:43 (04/2017), 10k 43.24 (10/2016), Half 1:33:18 (10/2017), Full 3:32:47 (05/2017)
                        2018 Targets: 5k: sub19, 10k: sub41, Half: sub90


                        weight loss complainer


                          PRs: 1500m 4:57 3000 10:34 - Next up: chase a new 1500m PR

                            Nice work on the crown Flavio. Cyclists are usually the biggest problem when they log their ride as a run ! Its usually pretty obvious with 2 min kms !

                            I upgraded one of my Strava crowns today by a few secs Shazzas Hill ( Shazza been a Kiwi term for Sharon lol )

                            50+ PBs5k 18:29 Tauranga Parkrun May18   

                            10k 40:16 June 18

                            " I have a plan to make my legs longer by wearing shorter shorts "      



                            English Villian

                              Hi guys, I'm really tempted to join this thread.


                              I'm kk, I'm female and 47 years old. I live in the SW of England and am married with two teenage children and a Border Collie dog. I work full time in Education and I'm also studying for my second degree, a BA in Leadership and management, alongside a chartered managers qualification.


                              In short, life is extremely busy!


                              I've been running for over 30 years, but only started entering races in my 30s. I've been an official pacer at the London marathon and completed an Ironman and Double Ironman.


                              I have managed a sub 90 half a few years ago (1.28.10 on a challenging course)


                              My problem is that I've never trained to a schedule and over the last few years I've let my running go, only entering races when my club ask me to, to be part of a relay team.


                              Ergo, I've lost interest, speed and form. I'm training on average 5 times a week, but that's mostly cross training and I've recently qualified as a indoor cycling instructor.


                              Probably a personality flaw, but I'm REALLY competitive and don't like racing unless I have a chance of winning (wrong mindset probably, I know). SO, before I saw this thread I promised myself I would give myself one last shot at trying to be fastish for an older bird; and to that end I've entered a half (off my turf), in the spring.


                              joining this thread might just make me accountable for giving it a proper attempt and parking my ego at the door (if you'll have me).

                              My current training week (when I'm working) looks like this... Monday - Cardio and weights class, Tues - ditto, Wed - Indoor cycling class, Thurs - Indoor cycling class. Weekend - a run!

                              If i'm going to give running a real shot again, i know I need to run more. The problem is that I love the shape and form the cross training has given me. But hey, any sport can be addictive right?. I need to fall in love with competitive running again, to do this properly, and I'm not sure how to go about that.


                                Kk - Welcome!


                                Blair - Nice week.


                                Flavio - Nice one on the KOM! Middle distance training is interesting, and I think it would involve some training past the efforts usually encountered in more regular distance training. I've never tried any of it myself but at least my home country Norway has 3 of the top middle distance runners in the world (3 brothers), where the youngest one seems to be the most talented of them all. He managed to qualify for the world championships in the 3000 steeplechase in his first ever attempt at the distance, at the age of 17.


                                This was my last week. Due to some Christmas parties the weekend before my whole schedule was pushed out a bit, so previous Sunday's workout ended up on Tuesday, and Wednesday's workout ended up on Saturday. I'm using this week to get everything back on schedule again but I figured I didn't want to start off my training program by missing some of the key workouts. Saturday's workout with 8x200 reps, 2 miles easy, 4x200 reps ended up really working my legs hard and they felt completely dead the next day. On the other hand, Tuesday's cruise intervals (4x1600) felt really great and while I thought I did the fist interval too fast and would blow up later on in the workout I felt great all the way through.


                                Weekly Summary
                                Monday, Dec 18, 2017 thru Sunday, Dec 24, 2017

                                <tfoot> </tfoot>
                                Day Miles Pace Description HR Link
                                Mon 3.0 10:10 Night Run 117 (61%) strava
                                Tue 7.5 8:00 Lunch Cruising 149 (78%) strava
                                Wed 3.0 9:26 Day 20 - 🐶 is still happy! 123 (64%) strava
                                Thu 3.4 9:16 Night Run 126 (66%) strava
                                Fri 4.3 8:07 Night Run 137 (71%) strava
                                Sat 9.0 8:22 Festivus Reps 142 (74%) strava
                                Sun 3.1 10:07 Christmas Eve recovery with the dog 120 (63%) strava
                                  33.3 8:45      

                                5k: 20:32 (1/17)  |  HM: 1:34:37 (2/18)  |  FM: 3:31:37 (3/18)


                                Swimming instead of running