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    My husband gets painful shins when he runs - anyone got any tips? The pain stops when he stops running. He has just bought new trainers and they make no difference. Does running more help or make it worse?
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      Sounds like he has shin splints. Check out this link http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_5/196.shtml for some good information.
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        I get those too...they come and go. I had them BAD in HS, but mostly because I was overdoing it. Does he stretch enough? Shins can be tricky to stretch. I try to put one foot forward and point the toe out as far as possible while putting my hips back. k

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          I've definitely had this problem too. Besides cutting back on mileage, here are some things that have worked for me... 1. changed my insoles to PolySorb insoles that absorb shock 2. stretch my calves a lot before running 3. start my run relatively slower and build speed. starting fast seems to encourage shin splints Hope these suggestions help.
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            My friend thought she had shin splints, but decided to have a doctor check it out. Her doctor ordered a bone scan, which I thought was a little over the top. It turned out she has stress fracture. I was wrong about the shin splint. She did point out that the pain did not localize to the shin muscle, that it was in the back as well. Unless you're positive that it's shin splint, it's better to consult a doctor.
              I had shin splints really bad in college (Army ROTC - so we ran a LOT). It was to a point where when I stopped running I could barely walk for a few hours. I was using crappy shoes at the time. I switched to a good pair of runners and also used some good inserts. I could run with minimal pain for a couple of weeks as they healed and now run pain free. If he has good shoes, try some good inserts. Just my opinion.

                Anyone tried ice-massage for this? I've been lucky enough not to have suffered much shin pain (splints, stress-fractures, or otherwise) but I've always found ice-massage (in moderate doses) to be really helpful for my inflammatory-type running injuries. It's unpleasant at first, but soon you sort of start to enjoy it! Evil grin
                  Don't know how much it will help, but he could try slightly lengthening his stride not with a bigger step, but conciously bringing his feet higher up as he completes a step. I guess it really depends on what's causing it. My right shin with hurt occasionally. Almost like a lactic acid burn. When I start picking my feet up more, it goes away.
                    One thing that has helped me a lot is a good pair of orthotics. You pay a couple hundred dollars for them, but they are custom made, last about two years, and are well worth it when you have a proper fit. Also, I soak my lower legs in water as cold as I can stand it after a run, no matter whether I have shin pain or not. This seems to help a lot with offsetting any kind of inflammation before it has a chance to start.