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    I have not run on the track since last year and trying to see how fast I can run one mile next Sunday. What would be the best way to warm up for this type of event beforehand? Last year I would just drive to the track walk a half a lap or so then just start the mile but was thinking about more of a warm up beforehand this time. Thank you for any advice.




      In general, there is no "best way" to warm up that works for everybody - you have to figure out what works for you.  Before a fast race like the mile, you want to be sweating before you start both to help you achieve the best result as well as to protect your muscles from injury.  I can usually achieve this with 1-2 miles of jogging with a bit more clothing on than I would wear for a typical run at that temperature.


      Are we there, yet?

        A typical warm up for shorter distances like the mile and 5K is 10-15 minutes (a little more if desired or it's cold out) of jogging and easy running, then 3-4 gradually accelerating strides of 100m or so.  At that point hopefully you are feeling loose and relaxed.  If you want to add a little stretching, then is the time to do it.  Some runners like to add 1 or 2 200m strides at race pace.

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          the shorter the race distance, the more important the warm up!


          I would jog get warmed up15-30mins ahead of time, then maybe do a few 100m type strides to get the legs primed for some speed.



          good luck!

          300m- 37 sec.


            5:59.94...Cannot believe I was able to do this today. With that time I will never have to do this again...Wanted so bad to finish a 5K in 2018 with a 6:59 mile average but the closest I got was 7:17.