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    What is VO2 Max really and why should I care? I'm just beginning so, I'm not really sure if this is something I need to worry about. Also, should I get a heartrate monitor? Is it that important? Kimmer
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      Kimmer, V02 Max basically is your Aerobic Capacity maxed out. Since your beginning you really don't need to worry about it since you shouldn't be running at VO2 Max. As far as heartrate monitor, totally depends. I haven't used one but twice in the two years I've been running, though I'm really looking at getting one. I thought it was important for me to be able to get intune with my body and adjust my speed and distance depending on what my body was telling me. Having one is nice but not a total must. Pam

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        you are so right Pam, I'm new to this great thing called running and have looked at all the info and devices about running and what can be used and how they will help you, but I have to stongly agree about you have to discover your running body first and what type of runner you are before you buy things you don't really need. I looked at heart monitors and decided to wait till i feel really comfortable about running before i decide to use one to take me to the next level of running and at the same time monitor my vo2. I find just doing interval running and use a good digital watch to track my time has helped me improve my running without waisting good money on things really not needed. But hey if it's what you wnat and you think it will work for you then you must. Big grin
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          In the current issue of Running Times (October 2006), Pfitzinger wrote an excellent article about VO2 max. He described what it is, how to tailor your workouts to get near it, and how to improve it. You should definitely check it out. The specialty running stores should sell it. If you can't find it, let me know, and I can email you the article.

            Good advice from Psydog! A lot of this stuff is really useful, but only if it doesn't distract you from your main purpose for being out there... running! I've seen some guys sooo wired up with various gadgets that when an alarm goes off somewhere, they can't figure out which device is making it! But some people (especially elite athletes) can really use the technology to their advantage... Basically, the question is what will monitoring your heart rate do for you? Improve your peak performance? Prevent over-training? Keep you engaged and excited about your running? For me, the answer is yes for all of those (particularly the last one), which is why I use a HRM (and a GPS!) on some runs. But for many runs, nothing beats the simplicity of a basic digital stopwatch... Big grin