How often do you race? (Read 531 times)

    One a month seems about right for me, with an occasional charity or specialty "race" thrown in, but not raced. Being non-certified bothers me too. Maybe I'll create a new RA activity called pseudo-race.

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      I'm definitely a race collector...I guess "event" collector...I run a lot of races, I don't race them. My reasons are several...one of them is that I am only 2 days off of running in a row from never running again - it could be just that easy for me to quit...so I have to register for races to keep motivated...I won't go in to other reasons, as that is one some might be able to relate to.


      I entered/ran 61 events this year. 2 5ks, 3 marathons, 1 muddy buddy and 55 half marathons. I raced 8 of them...a few failed half marathons in the spring, 2 5k PRs, and then several half marathon PR's in a row in the fall (all of my marathons were PR's too). I attribute all the PR's to running the marathons as long training runs...so 2013 is going to see less overall races, but a lot more marathons (and even some ultras)...so I can race a 5k.


        Only ran 5 races this year. 3 legs Blue Ridge relay. 2 10 ks, & 2 5ks. Last year I ran too many races so I have been taking it easy.

          Since I live in an area on the East Coast that has a whole bunch of excellent races, I did somewhere near one race a weekend in 2012. (About 50... From one milers, to mostly 5K's, all the way up to a 50K ultra.)


          I feel my emphasis shifting now... More personal long runs, more preparation for the longer races, so I will probably do a few less races in 2013.  (Perhaps only 40?   :-)


          Running is fun, any race, any distance, what can I say?  :-)

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            Will probably do 3 or 4 races in 2013: my goal HM, a couple of 10ks for tune-ups, and maybe a trail race just for fun.


              I absolutely love distance racing... so I sign up and run as many as my schedule allows... in 2012 I ran 6 marathons (3 in Spring, 3 in Fall) and a 50k. For the Spring of 2013 I have planned 3 marathons and 2 50ks... then probably around the same for the Fall of 2013. I don't really like shorter distance races, and I have a limited amount of time in my schedule, so I stick to marathons and longer.


              That being said, I will usually only "race" once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The other times I just go out to run for fun, or pace my mom, or to just enjoy the day. I know for some people, there's no point in just "running" a marathon (or any other distance). But I have a really great time at every single race, whether I "race" it or just "run for fun". It's what I love to do. In the future, once my schedule calms down and allows me to do so, I definitely plan on doing even more races.