Virtual 5K invitation to all RunningAHEAD members 6/4 (Read 1232 times)

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Abs of Flabs

    Janell, Thank you for organizing the race! You make a good race director and I look forward to the next race!
      ::blush:: Why, thank you! I hope to see you there! Big grin

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        PLEASE CAN WE DO MORE VIRTUAL RACES - ONLY JUST FOUND THE SITE AND LOVE IT - SHOUTING AS ITS SOOOOOOOO GREAT keap it up guys and looking forwad to the next race! Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin
          The next RunningAHEAD virtual race will be held between Sat Jul 1 and Tues Jul 4. I'll put out a sign-up sheet in probably about a week or so so we'll all know who's running. See you there!

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          12 Monkeys

            How did this go? Who ran?
              5K Race: 1. mbotti 17:02 2. Pron8r 20:45 3. Hawk Runner 27:16 4. backroadrunner 29:25 *PR* 5. zoom-zoom 32:00 *PR* 6. nite_runner 34:42 *PR* 7. Wingz 41:20 5 Mile Race: 1. Pron8r 36:41 2. Mile Collector 36:50
              Hi, Trent! You going to join us next month, right? Dates are from Jul 1 - Jul 4, so you can run anytime within those dates and post then. More info later! Janell

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