Automatic temperature/weather population (Read 568 times)


    I often don't end up logging a workout until a couple days after I've completed it. By then, I've usually forgotten the temperature / weather conditions during it & end up leaving them blank.


    It'd be pretty slick if temperature/weather conditions could be populated automagically, perhaps based on either a zip code/address specified in a profile or even better, sucked out of a GPX track, if uploaded. Google, yahoo & the NOAA all have APIs that might be usable.

      Yeah, make sure you don't make a script that goes to weather.com and grabs data. They don't like it and threaten legal action. lol


      The shirtless wonder

        This has actually been suggested many times.  I think it's high on the user wish-list.  Smile
          I'd love to add historical weather data but I haven't found a data source yet.  If you know of one, I can probably add it in a few days.  Here are the requirements:
          • Preferrably free
          • Must support international data
          • Preferably a web service instead of storing it on the RA server
          eric :-)
            I believe the NOAA API fits your requirements.

            <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/wct/source.php


              For personal use, I use Weather Underground.  You can see what was going on in Manhattan on December 8, 1980, for example.


              They do have an API but it appears to only be free for personal use.  Meh.



              Still a decent site for individual research.


                The API can be used for non-profit public use. But as soon as you charge then you cannot use it.