Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Recommendation (Read 550 times)


    For those who have tried a night splint to treat plantar fasciitis, what type have you had luck with?....sock, boot, splint, etc. Did you try different styles before finding one that worked best? I took 5 weeks off and had one steroid injection and after my first slow run on the road Saturday, my plantar fasciitis flared up again. I'm now back to ice. I was looking at all the different brands of night splints to keep a stretch on my foot and was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations. Sad
      I've been suffering from PF in my right foot since Jul 06. After a recent visit with a Podiatrist, who gave me another cortizone shot (first one was in late Jan), purchasing a good quality pair of motion control running shoes, I was finally able to run outside with virtually no pain. I've been wearing a Strassburg Sock for the last several months. I stretch using an elastic strap (on both L/R legs) then put the sock on my right foot for the night. The combination of stretching and wearing the sock seems to help quite a bit. I notice more pain in my right foot on mornings I forget to stretch/wear the sock. Although I have no experience with other night splints, if you're like me and move about while you sleep at night, I'm sure your wife would appreciate you wearing a sock vice a hard boot Smile. GOOD LUCK!!!
        I am about 95% recovered from PF and wear the Strassburg Sock every night. I initially tried a boot and there was no sleep that night for me, so I invested in the sock.
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