For me, its a biggy (Read 927 times)

    Most times anything over 1.6 miles requires walking at some point even if it is only 30 seconds. Sunday 3.4 miles non stop! I know for most that is not much. To me it is a mile stone.

    To paraphrase an old poster: Today is the first day of the rest of your training. It doesn’t matter where you started or how far you’ve come. Today is the day. Your training didn’t start 6 weeks ago. Your training started the last time you hit the road. John “the Penguin” Bingham Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire

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      Wow, that's a big on, in my eyes! That's 2+x the distance with no walking! WTG, Gregg! Big grin k

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        Alright!!! Way to go, Gregg!!! Big grin

        Roads were made for journeys...

          Good job. You get extra points because you've been training in some fairly sick weather conditions too. Nice.

            Bear, that's great!!! I know how good that feels!!!
              WTG Greg!!

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                Spectacular! Every wall you break down and through makes you all the tougher!! Keep it up.
                  WTG, Gregg!!! 50% increase in your non-stop run is huge! Thanks for sharing your success Smile

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                    Well done. Always good to achieve a breakthrough.


                    3000 miles

                    Sub 19:00 for 5K  05-03-13 Clee Prom 5K - 19:00:66 that was bloody close!

                    Sub-40:00 for 10K 17-03-13 Gainsborough 10K - 39:43

                    Sub 88:00 for HM


                      To me it is a mile stone.
                      That's ALL that matters!!!! Congrats!!! Smile

                      Now that was a bath...

                        Well done! It's easy when you post in a running community to think that these distances are short - but tell most non-runners that you just ran that distance and they would probably answer 'I couldn't do that'. Way to go on the progress. Claire xxx
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                          Nice 3.4 milestone...excellent achievement.

                          You'll ruin your knees!

                            To me it is a mile stone.
                            I often find that "me" is the hardest person to please/impress with my accomplishments! Congrats on making your "me" take note! Woot!

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                              It's a biggy for anyone, Bear Poop. Sorry, I just really wanted to type "bear poop." Oops. I did it again. Most people can't run 3 miles. Most can't run 1 mile. Most wouldn't even try. It's a biggy, Bear Poop. Sorry. I keep doing that.
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                                Good to see your hard work paying off, Mr. Poop! Keep it going...

                                Runners run.