5-minute run per day extends life span (Read 221 times)

One day at a time

    5-minute run a day reduces risk of premature death by a third


    Wow! Another article about this study states that "non-runners were 24 percent more likely than runners do die during the study period (6 to 22 years). In fact, the mortality risk associated with NOT running was greater than the risk associated with being overweight or obese (16 percent), having a family history of cardiovascular disease (20 percent), or having high cholesterol (6 percent)." And you need only 30 to 59 minutes of running A WEEK!


    So even we slow joggers need to keep going!


      Just amazing...!! would like to much obliged for sharing this !! Smile


        Until proven otherwise, I will continue to believe that I am immortal. 


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          Does this mean if I never stop running I'll never die?

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            Does this mean if I never stop running I'll never die?

            Well, have you died so far? What more evidence do you need?

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              Somehow agree with this as running for five minutes a day and even other physical activities are effective in making us healthier in a number of ways. It can improve our overall health, lose weight and even prevent various diseases.

                of course... those in real danger of dying soon aren't exactly able to run 5 minutes are they.


                I know this counter argument because my wife used that logic to refute my hypothesis that having sex every other day lowered mortality by 47.3%

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