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    Thanks guys, but how does that answer my question?


    I think the problem you've got is the "keeping things private" part. As far as I know, Dropbox Pro accounts have one owner, and that owner controls sharing/access. So at least one person (probably you) would have access to everybody's folder.


    There's a business/workgroup version of Dropbox, but it's overkill -- and expensive.


      "Wah Lah"


      - It is an interjection.     It is listed in the Lousiana dictionary, same meaning as "Voila' !"  Approve

      That's what I figured. Reminds me of the first time I saw the word "kahones" on a bulletin board. When I jokingly pointed out that I didn't speak Spanish, the OP quoted the urban dictionary. I abandoned the conversation, since I don't think the person cared that the origin was from the word "cojones".