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    OK, I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to enter a race in my training log. Say I run a mile warm up, then I run a 5K race and then a two mile cool down. I currently will enter type of run as "race" then I will put in my total time running and total mileage for the day. Unfortunately this will graph my race as being 6.1 miles, same w/ the way it is listed as my PR. I know I could just put in the run as a 5K and enter my race time but I like to have my warm up and cool down as part of my weekly mileage. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
      I would make two or three run entries for the day. List the race on it's own as type 'race'. You have several options for the other stuff. Some people like to create separate run types for warmups and cooldowns and some people (like myself) just list them as 'easy'. But really, the key is that you can have multiple entries on one day.


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        Hi Kevstreet (EDIT - Antihero beat me!)... The way Eric has designed the site is that you register these as three different workouts. 1. Your warmup - classify as easy or warm-up or whatever you choose) 2. Your race (calss as race to get all the PR stuff) 3. Your cooldown (as 1) I tend to log it as two - the race and warm-up/cool-down added together. In this way you get the total mileage and get your race stats correct. Hope this helps, Neil UK Smile

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          Oh fantastic, I didn't know I could enter two entries for one day. Thank you so much for the prompt and informative responses. Greatly appreciated!! I'm excited about this, very cool. Thanks again, Kevin