A brag for my dh, who finally ran a half with me! (Read 552 times)

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    The Snow Canyon half was this past Saturday. It was such an awesome day! Dh ran it, after a long time of saying he couldn't run because of his weight, or ankles, or whatever. (Yay for no excuses anymore!) 


    I originally started running in 2008 because I was concerned about dh's weight, and it was suggested to me that if I start running or working out, then maybe he would join in. Well, he didn't. (And I got hooked to running, which was a great side benefit.) But recently he decided to train for a half, since I had already dragged about 20 other family members into running a marathon, I think he saw it was doable even by overweight non-runners. He trained pretty well over the last few months, and lost 40lbs since around June. (Still has about 50-60 to lose, but he's headed in the right direction!) I put up a bunch of signs for him along the course. (Signs are one of my favorite things about running.)


    He finished in 2:50:56, and was completely exhausted. (Now I think he has a better understanding of why I like to take naps after long races.!) Smile He's really proud of himself, and I am too.  So, even though it took almost 5 years to get him out there, he finally ran a race with me. (I actually ran it with my sister, and we finished at 2:08. Dh didn't want me to run right with him.) 


    Here are a bunch of photos. (Including the group of family members that came to run it with us.) Smile




















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      Those signs are amazing, I got a little teary eyed!!!  Congrats to Brian, he should be proud!

        Everything about that is awesome! Big congrats to your hubby!

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          Congratulations!  That is a great accomplishment for both of you!

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

            VERY cool with the signs!!  Looks like a beautiful course to run on as well.


            Congrats to both of you!


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              WTG-- DH!!!

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                That is awesome, great job to both your husband for finishing a half, and for the support you and the family are showing him. I  love the signs, and I think it would be a great boost to see signs like that and the group at the end cheering me on. Stories like this and seeing people do things they think they can't is what intrigues me about running. Such a simple thing to do, but the impact and power it has in people's lives is huge. Awesome.

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                  I don't even know him and I'm proud of him.

                    Beautiful scenery and beautiful smiling faces in the end (I love the last picture). Congrats!



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                      Both of you are fantastic!



                      Just run.

                        This is awesome.  The group shot is freaking inspiring, too.

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