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    Rode the bike 5 miles yesterday and six miles today. I fell twice. The first time right in the middle of the rt hand turning line. My next ride will be on the bike trail. Bike riding was much easier at ten.

    Run until the trail runs out.

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      You might try holding yourself up in a doorway (or having someone hold your bike upright) while you practice clipping in and out. Also, make sure that, if your pedals have adjustable release tension, it's not set too high. Then again, clip-on-pedal related toppling over is a rite of passage for cycling. The ultimate is to approach a stop in front of a gaggle of teenage girls, smoothly unclip your right foot, and then lean to the left. did

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        Then again, clip-on-pedal related toppling over is a rite of passage for cycling.
        Yes. While at a complete stop saying "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...ow."

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          I fell at least 5 times when I started using those things. At least you're typically not moving when you do fall. For me it was stop, try to clip out and fail, oh shit, fall. It's more embarrasing than anything else. You will get the hang of it.
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            It gets easier.....for awhile only ride on side streets and in vacant parking lots!


              My recommendation, with clip-on pedals, is to wait until you clip out & stop before answering your cell phone. Angry
                depending on the type, you might be able to adjust the tension so your foot pops out easier until you get the hang of it.

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                  I'm old school. Gimmie a (good) toe clip, anyday.



                    If it makes you feel better, here is my story of the first time I fell 'in public' (the other times were on my street or driveway, or inside my house while I was practicing): I was leaving my gym where I worked part time as a personal trainer. I got to the entrance/exit and there were a few cars backed up waiting to turn into the main road. This is a very high traffic gym, by the way. As I slowed to a stop I unclipped my right foot only, but my weight was more to the left and I just toppled over right there in the entrance. One of my coworkers saw me, a couple gym regulars, and a few gym members who I had yet to meet (I was still in my PT clothes, too). There were about 3 cars entering the gym parking lot. One guy asked if I was ok (I was laughing). The next lady stopped, insisted I assure her both that I was fine, and that this wasn't one of those Dateline shows where the people who aren't good samaritans get on TV for refusing to stop and help. Note that I wasn't moving at the time I fell. I just toppled over at a dead stop. Big grin

                      Practice. practice, practice. Start with your bike trainer, just clip in and out till you don't need to think about it. Then find a quiet street and do the same. You'll get the hang of it. Victor

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                        Yes. While at a complete stop saying "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...ow."
                        I relate to that. The worst is when you bring your tandem to a stop and your stoker's cleat on the foot he is trying to release has loosened and he can't get unclipped and is already leaning in that direction, "bloody ow" Angry Angry


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                          This is interesting. I have got to be more careful about which buttons I push Roll eyes


                            Right after I got mine I went out for a ride and upon returning got to the top of my driveway and didn't have enough momentum to go in to the garage. I had a very slow fall right in front of the neighbors and family. If I would have thought about it I would have yelled "Tiiimmbbbeeerrrrrr" as I was going over. Clowning around


                              Practice practice practice. I really practiced dismounting a lot when I started getting into tri's and finally got somewhat confortable doing the flying dismount where I unclip one foot and balance myself into a running position when I unclip the second one. I'm not saying that this is going to be for you but the moral is. I fell when I first got my clipless pedals just like everyone else. Find a parking lot and practice doing it until you are confident. Try to simulate having to stop really suddenly like someone pulling out in front of you so you can get a feel for that too. The more prepared you are the safer you are in biking because there are too many stories of people getting run over. If you can do something with confidence your fears will subside.

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                                I think I have you beat. I bought my mtn bike 4 weeks before my wedding last June (I hadn't ridden a bike in probably 6-8 years before that). The bike came with toe clips and I thought, "oh, I'll be fine, I don't need clip-ins." My buddy kept telling me that I'd be sorry because they're much easier to get out of. Needless to say I didn't listen, and the Thursday before my wedding I decided to go out just to get away for an hour or so. My family was driving me crazy, my soon-to-be in-laws were driving me crazy, and it was going to be nice for me to just ride in the peace and quiet. I got about 2 miles into my ride on some easy to intermediate single track, went too slow over about an 18" drop and went right over the handle bars. The bike literally landed right on top of me and got me all twisted up like a pretzel. A guy was running up the trail, and stopped to help me up and luckily didn't laugh too hard at me. I checked myself out, no broken bones, no serious scrapes or gashes on my body, but I noticed my chin hurt slightly. I didn't have a mirror with me, so I was praying that it was nothing serious. I got back to my car about 45 minutes later and I noticed I had a scrape about the size of a quarter on the bottom right corner of my chin and underneath my chin. Long story short, my wife-to-be rung my neck, and we ended up using the same make-up person on our wedding day to cover up my stupidity. I bought clip-ins the day I got back from my honeymoon and haven't had an accident like that since.