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    I'm traveling with the family to Las Vegas for a few nights in August. We're going to be staying either on the Strip or pretty close to it. Would anybody recommend running in Las Vegas at night or in the early AM? How runner friendly are the streets? I haven't been in Las Vegas in thiry years & would love to hear from a native or anybody else who's travelled there. I'll use the hotel treadmill if I have to but, I would rather see the sights.
      I was in Vegas a couple of months ago on a business trip and one of the guys in our group went for 5 mile runs in the AM (I was not yet as ambitious about my running at that point). I know he had to get up and go by 5:30 AM becuase we all met up at 7 each morning for breakfast. He ran on the strip and didn't have any problems. You are apt to run into some people that live on the streets, but like i said, he didn't have problems with anyone. I would not reccomend running at night though. People do not drive safely and that's when the crowd is big. If you're going to run at all, do it in the AM. There's my long answer to a simple question.

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        I agree--run early in the morning and stay on the Strip as much as possible. Exploring Vegas can be fun but there are some seedy sections too. Be prepared to have to stop at every light on the entire route as well and DON'T listen to music or anything. Drivers are a little wacky so you will want to be able to both see and hear your surroundings. Have fun! P.S. Some hotels will charge you to use their gyms, even if you are staying there. Ask them before you give them your room #--you don't want any surprises on the bill when you check out!

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          Morning is your best bet on the strip, you will run into other runners and drunk people on their way back to the room, but its not crowded early. At night, running might be a pain with the crowds, certainly on the weekends. As for saftey, you will be fine on the strip from the south end to Sahara. The area between there and downtown can be a little shady, nothing terrible tho. As PWL said, its best to just stay on the strip. There really isn't much to see off it anyway. If you are up for a little drive, Red Rock canyon is a great place to run, and only a few mins. drive. No shade there tho, so don't go during the day, you will bake. Some great trails and hills at Mt. Charleston, but that is like a 30min drive. Its easy to get to tho, and it will be a good 25 degrees cooler than down on the strip.
            Thanks for the advice, I'm not usually a morning runner but, then again I'm not usually on vacation either. Morning does seem like the best bet, especially with what the temperatures reach during the day. I've already mapped out a route from one of the hotels we're thinking of staying. The elevation could make things interesting. 2000 plus feet above sea level versus my usal starting point of 450. Funny you should mention Red Rock Canyon, I was looking at the website yesterday. I'd love to check it out. Our plan is to spend a couple of nights in Vegas, travel to the Grand Canyon for a few days & then back to Vegas to fly back home. Personally, I'd rather ditch Vegas sooner & spend more time hiking & exploring canyon & desert country but, majority rules. It'll be fun whatever we do.

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              Run in the morning...but be sure and say hello to the "ladies"... True story, while running on the strip in Vegas, I was "propositioned"...now did those ladies really think I was going to stop my run and...oh... Blush

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                My boss owns a condo in Vegas. Someday I'll get to vacation there, and while I'm there I'll keep these suggestions in mind. Geesh, I hope I don't get propositioned. Smile


                  As a resident of LV, I can tell you there are a number of places to run, and several groups to run with. A couple of websites to check out: www.lvtc.org www.lasvegasrunningteam.com Some run on/near the strip (one group meets at Caesar's Palace in the evening), and other places. If you can get out to Red Rock, you can park for free at the entrance and run part of the loop. It is absolutely gorgeous (but only if you like hill running). Early morning on the Strip is not bad, and you really ought to give a go at least once. Certainly, in August the weather is cooler in the morning.
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