Running insoles what to buy? (Read 128 times)


    Im really confused because there are so many different types of running insoles.. from like sports, running plantar fasciitis, orthotics and metatarsal pads... i just dont know what to buy which will be best.. i wanted to buy some insoles instead of some expensive shoes because i just dont have the money and im new to running.


    Im new some i dont know which will help reduce the pain in my feet the best.. any ideas? or do i just cram them all in my shoes at once and hope for the best lol Big grin


    Thank you


    thanks for all your help i just wanted to let you know i finally decided on getting some orthotics from nuovahealth 


    and i gotta say they have reduced foot pain almost completely i think to completely get rid of it all i have to do now i improve my technique



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      I wear green Superfeet.


        when I was doing long distance hiking last summer I did alot of research on insoles and like L-train says Superfeet was the obvious choice.  They run pretty high prices here at the REI store (30bucks??) but I think they are worth it if you need them.  I have been paying 45 bucks for my Nike training shoes so its not worth it to buy insoles that cost almost as much.  My shoes only last maybe 4-5 months so yeah... but check out superfeet!  They have many styles and shapes etc..

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          I wear blue Superfeet


          I would suggest going to a local running store and having them help you figure out what is best for your feet

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            Are you sure that you need different insoles?  I bought Superfeet insoles several years ago to deal with some foot problems.  I'm now back to using the insoles that came with the shoes.


            Can you describe the foot pain?  Not all foot pains benefit from specialty insoles.


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                I use the ProFoot 2 oz Miracle.  Inexpensive and durable.  I replace the OEM insoles with these on any new pair of running shoes.

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                  You can buy them at most drugstores, Spenco is a brand I have used which was inexpensive and effective.

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                    I would suggest going to a local running store and having them help you figure out what is best for your feet


                    A few years ago I was having some issues and a podiatrist wanted me to buy custom orthotics from him..   I  wasn't convinced that was what I really needed so I hesitated...    Next day went to a good running store and asked them about some type of insoles to support my arch and asked them what they had for me.....     This lady brought out one after the next....they all felt different but one particular pair felt really good to me.


                    So, I also would say to go to a local running store - bring one of your main pairs of running shoes and try a few different ones.


                    There were a LOT more varieties than I thought.......one of them will probably feel good for you...

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